2023 Partner Summit: Announcing Our Partner Award Winners

October 16, 2023

2023 Partner Awards Announced

Our 2023 Partner Summit was a wonderful experience, which reached an apex at our second annual Partner Awards. The event was emceed by former Denver Broncos running back, Reggie Rivers. A special thank you to our long-time partner, Lennox, for sponsoring Rivers, who appeared for both the Partner Awards and his outstanding keynote on leadership and sales, which leveraged his expertise in football.

We'd like to thank all of our partners who attended the summit this year. While all partners hold a special place, five received special recognition during this year's ceremony.

Winner of the Outstanding New Partner Award - 2023 - Resideo Winner of the Outstanding New Partner Award - Resideo

Outstanding New Partner Award - 2023 

The first award of the evening was our Outstanding New Partner Award, presented by Director of Partnerships Mike Rosenbach. The award went to Resideo for demonstrating great dedication to increasing their market share through a strong partnership with the HomeSphere team. Jeff Holt, senior multifamily/RNC outside sales at Resideo, accepted the award. Congratulations, Resideo!

Winner of the Partner Engagement Award - 2023 - Electrolux Winner of the Partner Award  Engagement Award - Electrolux

Partner Engagement Award - 2023 

Our 2023 award for Partner Engagement, also presented by Mike Rosenbach, went to Electrolux for their high level of involvement with our Partner Engagement team. Electrolux not only jumps on conversion opportunities, but also shows a highly collaborative spirit. Chad Buchanan, director of national accounts and contract sales, and Brad Shelton, western regional sales manager, accepted the award. We’re so proud that Electrolux is a partner with us!

Winner of the Sales Choice Award - 2023 - Rinnai Winner of the HomeSphere Sales Choice Award - Rinnai

HomeSphere Sales Choice Award - 2023 

Our 2023 Partner Sales Choice Award, given by Partner Engagement Manager Patrick Brandon, belongs to Rinnai for being so dedicated to aligning with our HomeSphere Builder Sales Team. They've easily made a name for themselves for how closely their reps work with our regional market specialists and inside sales team. Chris Wulf, regional builder sales manager, and Jackie Cook, regional builder sales manager, accepted the award. It's been a pleasure working with you, Rinnai!

Winner of the HomeSphere Partner in Technology - 2023 - Leviton Winner of the HomeSphere Partner In Technology Award - Leviton

HomeSphere Partner in Technology Award - 2023

Our 2023 Partner in Technology Award, presented by Partner Engagement Manager Kaycee Marks, was given to Leviton! They've been an early adopter of the HomeSphere API, utilizing both the push and pull functions. With the assistance of this API, Leviton is empowered to more diligently follow up on leads in their native sales platform while using the data within HomeSphere-IQ. Rick Forbrush, director of national builder sales, and Tom West, director of national builders, accepted the award. Thank you, Leviton, for all you do!

Winner of the HomeSphere Partner Excellence Award - 2023 - GAF Winner of the HomeSphere Partner Excellence Award - GAF

Partner Excellence Award - 2023

And last, but certainly not least: the highest honor of our 2023 Partner Awards was given by Greg Schwarzer, president and CEO of HomeSphere, to our wonderful partner GAF. The brand is incredibly popular with our builders and they've demonstrated an unparalleled understanding of how the HomeSphere program works and how it's beneficial to builders. The GAF team knows how to translate that power into acquiring and converting customers. Steve Bambach, strategic account manager, and Maria Martin, strategic accounts, accepted this prestigious award.

Congratulations to all of our 2023 Partner Awards winners! We’re already looking toward our next Partner Summit and our award winners in 2024.

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