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For taste, as nature intended. For better living.

Experience the kitchen suite of appliances designed to enhance nature’s favors and inspire culinary creativity. 

Rebate-Eligible Products

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Wall Ovens

With a range of intuitive and thoughtfully designed wall oven products, homeowners will be able to push the limits of their culinary creativity from the comfort of your kitchen. Choose from Single, Double and Micro-Combi Wall Ovens to fit individual needs.

Single Wall Oven (ECWD3011AS)

Double Wall Oven (ECWD3011AS)

Wall Oven w/ Microwave (ECWD3011AS) 
Built in Microwave with Drop Down (EMBD3010AS)

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Homeowners can keep produce tasting fresh like nature intended with our TempAdapt Drawer which offers quickly changes from fridge to freezer with a temperature range of -6 to 45 Fahrenheit degrees and our LuxCool™ Cooling System which maintains a constant temperature with smart sensing technology and a variable-speed compressor that efficiently circulates cold air throughout. 

Cntr-Dpth French Door (ERMC2295AS)

Single Door Refrigerator (EI33AR90WS)

Single Door Freezer (EI33AF80WS)

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Empower homeowners to create a delectable array of dishes on dual-fuel or induction range, designed to maintain ideal heat and ensure mouthwatering results. Our ranges feature True Convection which uses three heating elements and a fan for even cooking results.  

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Electrolux Laundry extends the lifespan of clothing for homeowners by an extra nine months which can reduce carbon, waste, and water footprints between 20% and 30%. That’s why Electrolux washers and dryers feature new care technology that helps clothes last longer – reducing their impact on the environment.  

Rebate availability depend on builder's products used, type of construction, and other factors. Restrictions may apply. Contact us for more details.

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