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Always be the hero.

Cut the “hero to zero” cycle and let HomeSphere-IQ® help you:

  • Crush new customer acquisition goals. Stop the cold calls and gain access to 2,700 mid-market home builders.
  • Execute a winning customer retention strategy. Incrementally increases your sales with builders you’re already invested in with our loyalty engine.
  • Unlock real-time customer insights. Follow your products along the supply chain journey with key contractor, distributor and builder data points and insights.
  • Validate claims in one spot. Let your finance team know it’s easier than ever to reconcile builder invoices with our simple invoice review.
Datay Loyalty Engine
6 tips building product manufacturers should know to develop leads

Want to be the top builder sales team out there?

Get there with these six tips on developing better leads.


Be a (successful) attention seeker.

Don't let sales take all the glory. Use HomeSphere-IQ to:

  • Reach a more engaged audience. Toss bad lists out the window and use our marketing services tool to engage with builders who are who they say they are.
  • Create custom marketing campaigns. Promote your brand your way — from messaging to visuals — through email and more.
  • Throw more qualified leads over the fence. Capture the kind of leads your sales team wouldn’t dare to ignore.
Marketing Services
how to promote your brand through marketing

Market to home builders using 20 years of expertise.

Download our guide to enhance your marketing efforts.

How does HomeSphere stack up?

Benefits HomeSphere Other Rebate Providers Construction Data Companies
Builder Leads
Rebate management
Loyalty and data engine
Industry research
Supply chain insights
Real-time customer data
Easy claim validation
Marketing services
Access to in-market specialists
Product and platform training

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