Take your connection with home builders further.

HomeSphere-IQ® is for manufacturers who want a robust sales and marketing platform to reach highly profitable local home builders.


taking your connection with home builders even further

Why do top brands trust HomeSphere-IQ to grow market share?


Raise your Builder IQ from the moment you log in.

Instantly access critical insights and take action to retain and expand your business.

  • See at-a-glance numbers on your estimated revenue from HomeSphere builders and your share of their business.
  • View your leads by estimated revenue opportunity so you know who to prioritize and pursue.
  • Quickly check the status of your sales opportunities with direct access to the platform’s core features.
HomeSphere-IQ Dashboard

Take control of your new builder sales process.

Target your sales activity to builders more likely to buy your products.

  • Access behavioral and demographic data on high-profit builder sales.
  • Identify which builders are the best fit for your offerings.
  • Create profitable opportunities and drive them through your sales funnel faster.
Builder Discovery with Builder

Forget bad contact lists. Speak meaningfully with engaged builders.

While your sales team prospects our builders, start making a marketing impression.

  • Leverage our builder relationships and above-average engagement rates.
  • Get a better ROI on your marketing spend.
  • Choose from a variety of campaign options from digital to print.
Marketing Services

If you're not working with our builders, you're missing sales.

Your vehicle to customer insights, deeper loyalty and more business.

Creating new customers and keeping them is critical for your business.

  • Gain insight on builder product usage, distributors used and the contractors installing the products.
  • Be alerted to builder issues and take appropriate action.
  • Uncover opportunities to increase sales incrementally where you already have brand loyalty.
  • Develop relationships with homeowners at move-in and completely change the warranty, repair and replacement game.
Datay Loyalty Engine

Validate builder product usage quickly and confidently through one robust platform.

  • Reconcile invoices in one spot (not five million emails).
  • Maintain an easy-to-find record of financial communications.
  • Get your financial team in sync with your sales team.
Builder Invoice Details

See How HomeSphere-IQ Enhances Your Builder Relationships:

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