New Rebates on Turnkey Flooring Solutions From RM Interiors

July 11, 2024

RM Interiors (RMI) offers turnkey flooring solutions for single-family and multifamily builders nationwide and is recognized as the number one flooring provider for the single-family-for-rent market. RMI is committed to being the most efficient, transparent and cost-effective flooring provider in the United States. As a leader in the industry, RMI is known for:

Rebate-eligible turnkey services from RM Interiors

Vinyl Flooring

RMI installs durable and cost-effective vinyl plank flooring in single-family and multifamily construction projects across the country. Offering hundreds of plank options from each of their major manufacturers, RMI ensures that all products are scratch-resistant and waterproof, providing longevity and low maintenance. Clients can also earn rebates on LVP installation with RMI.




RMI's crews install carpet in hundreds of homes per day across the country. RMI purchases and stocks carpet from all major manufacturers and has the ability to install on a day's notice.





RM Interiors can supply and install tile on floors, showers, tub surrounds and backsplashes in any new construction unit type. Shop tile from any major manufacturer and earn rebates on the product and installation with RMI.


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RM Interiors communicates with builders throughout the flooring order and installation process and will work with the builder's choice of any brand of flooring. They consistently meet builder's timelines so their units can be listed on time. Their experts inspect each flooring job after it’s completed to ensure their high quality standards are met. Builders also benefit from working with a single point of contact at RM Interiors across multiple types of flooring throughout their homes.

RM Interiors provides turnkey solution  for the following builder markets:

Single-Family for Rent

RMI is the top flooring provider in the United States for single-family rental units. Working with each of the large SFR owners/operators in the country has given RMI an inside view into what ownership groups and investors want in a single-family rental property.

Single-Family Homes

RMI partners with builders to provide and install flooring and tile for new single-family homes — meeting timelines, improving budgets and ensuring quality control on every install for partners across the U.S.

Multifamily Construction

RMI's process is focused on speed of installation, competitive pricing and maintaining high-quality standards, making RM Interiors a trusted partner for the high-volume needs of multifamily construction.

Already using RM Interiors?

Rebates are available for both single-family and multifamily builders who join HomeSphere. Earn rebates through the HomeSphere Rebate Program, and check our full list of partners to see what other rebates you could be earning through our program.

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