Earn Rebates on Lighting Services From Aterra Designs

May 9, 2024

HomeSphere and Aterra Designs have come together to offer home builders electrical planning and design, creating an efficient, luxurious lighting design experience from custom to production home building. With this new service, HomeSphere builders can now improve profitability and connect to a new way of lighting homes while creating a better customer experience.

Aterra Designs' rebate offering through HomeSphere includes lighting design services including: Aterra Premium, Luminosity, and I3 Interactive Floor Plans. HomeSphere builders can combined rebates on lighting, electrical and home technology products from HomeSphere partners Leviton and Progress Lighting together with the rebates on Aterra's lighting design services.

Rebate-eligible services include Aterra Premium, Luminosity, and I3 Interactive Floor Plans

Aterra Premium 

With Aterra Premium, homebuyers receive a 1-on-1 consultation from certified residential designers in a luxury, à la carte lighting and electrical design session. Aterra Designs takes care of the documentation and sales of all lighting, electrical and home technology.


With Luminosity, homebuyers use an online interactive floor plan to select from pre-designed lighting and electrical packages. The virtual design tool allows homebuyers to see real-time lighting effects in 2D and 3D panorama, as well as instant product pricing. Once selections are finalized, Luminosity eliminates guesswork by generating lot-specific electrical plans and bills of materials for contractors. With its open architecture, any trade or manufacturer can be linked to Luminosity’s database.

I3 Interactive Floor Plans

To serve builders beyond the needs of lighting, Aterra also offers I3 interactive floorplans to aid with online lead generation for prospective buyers and the homeowner's decision process on lighting design.

Aterra Designs streamlines home lighting and electrical planning by connecting the home buyer, contractor and builder and often integrates products from both Progress Lighting and Leviton on HomeSphere. Check out a full line of Aterra Designs services and Progress Lighting and Leviton rebate-eligible products through HomeSphere.

Interested in using Aterra Designs?

Rebates are available for both single-family and multifamily builders who join HomeSphere. Earn rebates through the HomeSphere Rebate Program, and check our full list of partners to see what other rebates you could be earning through our program.

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