Lennox makes people feel comfortable in their homes. They make the air cooler, warmer, dryer, cleaner and better, with innovative systems that are exceptionally quiet and energy efficient. All brought to you by Dealers with the expertise and resources to serve you in the best possible way.

Rebate-Eligible Products

Air Purification

Lennox air purification offers unprecedented whole-home system comfort that’s perfectly tuned to the homes you build. The intelligent system seamlessly works to deliver clean, perfect air and maintain optimal performance.

Mini-Split Systems

Lennox® mini-split heat pumps and air conditioners are secure and convenient, mini-split systems are easy to install, using a compact indoor and outdoor unit connected through a small hole in your wall.


Lennox® gas furnaces are quiet as they are efficient, combining advanced technology, engineering and sound-absorbing insulation to ensure whisper-quiet operation. (David Lennox Signature, Elite, & Merit Series)


The Ultimate Comfort System™ combines the best of the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection to create an unprecedented whole-home comfort system that seamlessly and intelligently works together to deliver consistently clean, perfect air.

Heat Pumps

One of the most precise heat pump you can buy, Lennox® heat pumps deliver effective temperature and humidity control, and efficient energy usage that keep temperatures consistent and exact. (David Lennox Signature, Elite, & Merit Series)


Lennox® programmable and smart thermostats help maximize the efficiency of the Lennox heating and cooling systems, combining innovation and technology to offer more comfort control.


Lennox® Healthy Climate® whole-home humidifiers work with the homes HVAC system to keep from becoming too dry in the winter and remove excess moisture in the summer. 

Zoning Systems

A Lennox® zoning system directs air to specific areas of your home, keeping it perfectly comfortable and energy efficient.

Rebate availability depend on builder's products used, type of construction, and other factors. Restrictions may apply. Contact us for more details.

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