Considering Going Tankless?
Here’s Why to Look at Rinnai.

April 18, 2023


This blog contains content sponsored by Rinnai and covers some great reasons why to ditch the tanks and take a closer look at Rinnai’s lineup of tankless water heaters.

Have you been hearing the buzz about tankless water heaters but want to cut through the noise? We get it — you’ve been sticking with those old familiar tanks for years and may be somewhat hesitant to change over to a newer way.

Let’s start with the four biggest advantages of going tankless. These include getting space back, being more efficient, never running out of hot water and the longer lifespan of the tankless unit. Sounds great, right?

Next, let’s help clear up some of the misconceptions and myths surrounding tankless water heaters. Rinnai put an actual builder up to this task: Matt Risinger, CEO and chief builder of Risinger Build in Austin, Texas, and host of YouTube’s The Build Show where he talks about building science, craftmanship and best practices for building and remodeling. Risinger has amassed over one million subscribers! In this short video, sponsored by Rinnai, Matt Risinger debunks eight lies about tankless water heaters.



Now that you’re more familiar with the cons of tanks and the pros of tankless, it is time to introduce you to two of the leading models of tankless water heaters in the industry: The SENSEI™ and the RE•Series™ — both by Rinnai.

New and Improved SENSEI™ Series Tankless Water Heaters

The newly redesigned SENSEI™ are highly reliable tankless water heaters that save time for contractors and energy for homeowners.

For contractors

The SENSEI™ is easy to install for contractors with no external controllers required to set up recirculation. It also offers lots of options for set-up with 14 possible vent configurations and compatibility with nine vent manufacturers and is available in natural gas or propane with easy field conversion available. Additionally, the SENSEI™ doesn't require a dedicated cold return line with the installation of a thermal bypass valve.

For homeowners

Homeowners save energy (and money) with the model’s Smart Circ™ Intelligent Recirculation™ technology. With this super-high efficiency model, they can enjoy hot water during regular demand periods by learning homeowners' hot water usage pattern and scheduling recirculation accordingly. Hot water events can also be added, such as when guests visit, and then returned to the previous cycle.


The SENSEI™ tankless water heater is a smart choice with twice the efficiency and twice the warranty length of tank models.


Download the SENSEI™ brochure to look inside the vertically integrated components of the new SENSEI with advanced recirculation technology for superior product performance.


Newly Redesigned RESeries™ Tankless Water Heaters

The RESeries featuring the REP models, the first and only non-condensing units with a built-in pump and Smart Circ™ Intelligent Recirculation™. RE•Designed for the Way You Work. And Homeowners, too.

For installers and future maintenance of the unit

The redesigned RE•Series™ has an updated integrated control screen for fast set-up and easy troubleshooting. Its sleek redesign has resulted in fewer fasteners and an easy open/close and clean internal layout for faster access to serviceable components. Also, programmable service reminders simplify scheduled maintenance. Additionally, Rinnai offers more choices with two models (REP160 & REP199) with built-in recirculation pump for faster, value-added installs. Lower BTU models (indoor and outdoor) allow appropriate sizing for the application.

For homeowners

Homeowners save energy and money with Smart-Circ™ Intelligent Recirculation™. They are able to enjoy hot water during regular demand periods with a super-high efficiency model that learns their hot water usage pattern and schedules recirculation accordingly. Hot water events can also be added, such as when guests visit, and then returned to the previous cycle.


Rinnai is the first major tankless brand to manufacture in the USA in 2018. The RE Series has been manufactured in the USA in Griffin, Georgia.


Download the RESeries brochure to look inside the new RESeries — Rinnai Efficiency Series — the most advanced non-condensing tankless water heater. 


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