Introducing The New Daikin Fit System

May 4, 2023


This blog contains content sponsored by Daikin Comfort Technologies Inc.  

Daikin is a leading innovator and worldwide provider of advanced, high-quality air conditioning and heating solutions for residential applications. For over 95 years, they’ve created efficient, environmentally-friendly comfort systems enabled by extensive research and technological innovations. 

Daikin Fit’s Inverter Technology 

Taking it to the next level with their reputation as an innovator in the field of HVAC, they’ve introduced the Daikin Fit System a whole house air conditioner with inverter technology. The Daikin Fit connects to ducted solutions traditional to the unitary market and provides an alternative to expensive high-tiered inverters by offering a premium mid-efficiency inverter that is more likely to meet budget. 

The Daikin inverter is an intelligent compressor drive module that provides variable speed operation to the Daikin Fit. Inverter technology differs greatly from traditional HVAC systems with basic on/off functionality. The Daikin Fit System is able to maintain a comfortable temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold because it runs continuously and adjusts the compressor’s speed to meet the demand.

Similar to cruise control on a vehicle, the inverter takes control of the heating and cooling power generated by the unit. By carefully regulating the power, the inverter reduces fluctuations in temperature. The inverter reaches a set point more quickly than a non-inverter AC, and therefore is able to offer uninterrupted cooling and heating comfort. By continuously running at low energy conserving levels where the air is consistently filtered, the Daikin Fit helps to drastically improve homeowner comfort levels by also controlling humidity.

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The Daikin Fit System is compact and quiet 

With the Daikin Fit, homeowners will love the added benefits that come through the inverter technology, whether they are inside their home or enjoying their outdoor living space.

The Daikin Fit System conserves energy by continuously running at low energy levels and filters the air to provide comfort while reducing humidity. Outdoors, the Daikin Fit has a much lower profile than traditional HVAC systems, allowing homeowners to have more space in their backyards. Also, the Daikin Fit is much quieter than a traditional HVAC, and since it runs continuously, homeowners are not disrupted by a system that turns on and off and runs more loudly.   

How a contractor addresses homeowner needs through the Daikin Fit 

Watch this short testimonial for the Daikin Fit with David Vernon, president of Sunset Heating and Cooling, and Mike Chase, a homeowner from Portland, Oregon. 


Additional testimonials on the Daikin Fit 

Limited warranties are available through Daikin 

Whether builders are interested in reducing costly callbacks or extending homeowner peace of mind, Daikin offers limited warranties on their Daikin Fit system. A 12-year parts limited warranty and also a 12-year unit replacement limited warranty are available with the Daikin Fit when purchased through a Daikin manufacturer’s representative or distributor or online.  

Get rebates from HomeSphere on Daikin products 

Another good reason to choose the Daikin Fit System, or any of the Daikin ONE Ecosystem of products, such as the Daikin ONE+ Smart thermostat, air handlers, furnaces, coils and indoor air quality products, is because they are all rebate eligible for HomeSphere builders.  

Not a HomeSphere builder?

Rebates are available for both single-family and multifamily builders who join HomeSphere. Earn rebates through the HomeSphere Rebate Program, and check our full list of partners to see what other rebates you could be earning through our program.

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