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April 20, 2023


This is the second part in a two-part series on how home builders and building product manufacturers are committing to sustainable practices. 

Sustainability in home construction is an important aspect of modern-day living. Sustainable construction practices aim to minimize the impact of construction on the environment while maximizing the use of resources to create efficient, durable and healthy homes.

Sustainability in home construction isn’t just a practice used by builders, but has also become part of the culture for building product manufacturers. There are many companies that have made a sustainability promise and are taking steps to reduce their environmental impact and promote sustainability in their operations. In addition, they are offering products that minimize a home's impact on the environment.

As consumers are starting to make their purchasing decisions based on a company’s environmental impact, builders too, are starting to look at building product manufactures that are committed to the environment.

HomeSphere partners who are working to reduce environmental impact

Virtually all of our trusted manufacturer brands on HomeSphere are invested in sustainability practices in terms of their operations and manufacturing but here are just a few examples.


Always conscience of their social responsibility, Congoleum has been committed to the environment for over 125 years. Such commitments include using water-based inks, using 100% recycled paper fiber on cartons and wrappers, diverting waste water and using recycled materials. All Congoleum products are FloorScore Certified and all adhesives are water based, low VOC products, making them Green Label Plus-certified and the lowest emitting adhesive products on the market today. Congoleum's Environmental Policy.


Since 2015, Electrolux has been committed to reducing their carbon emissions, using recycled plastics and improving energy efficiency in the products they produce. Most recently, they have been developing a more sustainable packaging for their appliances, as well as partnering with shipping, logistics and truck companies to reduce the environmental impact of transportation of goods. Just this year, they were recognized as a 2023 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year. Electrolux Sustainability Program.


Fiberon’s sustainability story includes saving trees and recycling millions of pounds of plastic, water conservation and reducing 98.5% of their waste in the manufacturing process. Fiberon takes the best qualities of recycled wood, combined with the long-lasting resilience of recycled plastic to make durable, long-lasting decking products. Fiberon's Composite Decking Green Story.


GAF’s RoofCycle™ Process is an innovative, patented recycling process that diverts shingle waste from landfills and reuses it in the manufacture of new GAF shingles. Timberline HDZ® RoofCycle™ Series Shingles1 contain approximately 7% recycled content without sacrificing any of the quality. GAF's Sustainability Promise.


Greenheck continues to take an industry-wide leadership position to affect positive global sustainability. Their products contribute to reducing energy consumption, improving healthier indoors and meeting ever-changing codes.


Kingspan’s Planet Passionate Report outlines a comprehensive 10-year plan that includes everything from reducing greenhouse emissions to renewable electricity contracts to implementing electric forklifts and community projects that make a positive environmental impact. Kingspan’s closed-cell insulated core panels have the best-in-class R values, reduce construction costs and lower embodied carbons. Kingspan's Planet Passion Report.


Lennox is reducing their environmental impact through a carbon reduction initiative. Lennox designs and manufacturers efficient climate-control products and continues to develop products that have minimal carbon impact through greater energy efficiency and use of refrigerants with lower global warming potential (GWP). As an ENERGY STAR manufacturing partner award winner, Lennox is the first and only company to provide a full line of Ultra-low NOx furnaces. Lennox Green Side of HVAC.

LIXIL (American Standard, GROHE, DVX)

LIXIL is committed to improving water use efficiency, reducing waste from operations globally and improving their use of raw materials. LIXIL’s pledge to water conservation can be seen in the products they offer, like water saving toilets and faucet products, as well as smart water controllers. LIXIL brands on the HomeSphere Program include; American Standard, GROHE and DVX. LIXIL Sustainability Website.


PPG Paint is committed to environmental sustainability and has re-engineered many of their manufacturing processes at its paint facilities to minimize energy consumption, improve air and water quality and cut waste. In addition, PPG Paints continues to meet customers expectations, as well as meeting a growing list of national, regional, local and customer-driven regulations. PPG Paints offers a variety of zero-or low-VOC products to help builders be green. PPG's Commitment to Environmental Sustainability.


As a U.S. Green Building Council Member, Trex has been environmentally responsible for nearly 30 year. Using the most earth-friendly manufacturing processes, Trex reclaims factory waste and eliminates the use of harmful chemicals. Trex’s eco-friendly composite decks are an innovative blend of 95% recycled plastic film and reclaimed sawdust. Trex Environmental, Social and Governance Report.


Wilsonart is inspired by minimizing waste and engineering smart surface have a minimal environmental impact. Wilsonart is honored to receive a Sustainability Leadership Aware from Business Intelligence Group, as well as several Wilsonart® Products have earned the Declare label from the International Living Future Institute and Wilsonart® HPL is the first product in the laminate category to receive a Declare label. Wilsonart’s HPM on average uses 23% post-consumer recycled content and their Quartz meets the industry’s highest standards for indoor air quality with UL GreenGuard Gold certification. Wilsonart's Stainability Commitment.

HomeSphere is proud to partner with these innovative manufacturers, and there are many others who are also prioritizing sustainability and taking action to promote a greener future. It's a win for builders who want to offer green features and a win for homeowners who are increasingly looking to reduce their carbon footprints.

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