CTO Confessions: HomeSphere VP Talks Construction Tech and Where It’s Headed

October 22, 2020

CTO Confessions: HomeSphere VP Talks Construction Tech and Where It’s Headed

The debate on how technology fits into construction has been ongoing for years but it's never been so important as it is now.  

Recently, HomeSphere’s Vice President of Technology Jeff Olin joined the podcast “CTO Confessions” to discuss all things construction tech, from where the opportunities are at, to how HomeSphere is contributing to the digitization of the industry.  

It should be no surprise to anyone that construction is behind when it comes to tech, but following the events of 2020, we’re seeing a greater shift and desire to improve efficiencies — in the same ways other industries have already pushed forward on.  

In the episode, Olin and podcast host TC Gill discuss: 

  • How the construction industry is making moves toward becoming tech-savvy 
  • The importance of designing software that’s easy to maintain and delivers customer-centric solutions 
  • Why agile innovation is always key 

Importantly, Olin acknowledges why construction is where it is and what needs to be taken into consideration moving forward. Namely, home builders work with a large network of contractors and subcontractors and projects are often at the whim of weather and the supply chain — all making it hard to focus on digital improvements.  

To Olin, however, that’s why leading with an agile mindset, which focuses on collaboration between teams, is so important 

Under Olin’s lead, HomeSphere has released two digital platforms for our customers, My HomeSphere® and HomeSphere-IQ®. 

My HomeSphere helps home builders claim rebates on the building products they use and solidify relationships with manufacturers 

HomeSphere-IQ, for building product manufacturers, similarly help manufacturers maintain a close relationship with builders and is designed to be both a sales and retention tool.  

As Olin notes, as the industry becomes more data focused, HomeSphere is working to provide digital tools to help our customers do their jobs in a more modern way — particularly one that’s focused in using analytics and insights to improve business efficiency.  

Listen to Olin’s insights in the full episode, “Tech-ing up the construction industry with Jeff Olin,” for IT Labs, a technology development firm. 

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