Bundling Manufacturer Rebates: What It Means and Why It Works

September 15, 2020


Building product rebates go further with HomeSphere and that’s an advantage to both our home builders and our brand partners. It all comes down to how we structure our rebate offerings, and we’ll break it down in this article.  

The bundled rebate in a nutshell 

HomeSphere facilitates rebates between home builders and building product manufacturers as part of the HomeSphere Rebate Program. Manufacturers will offer certain rebate amounts for each of their products, which is negotiated by our team.  

When we say we offer bundled rebates, it means our builders can earn higher total rebates by using two or more of our brands on a construction project compared to using only one brand. 

Idoesn’t matter which brands builders bundleextending the possibilities of our 1,500+ strong catalog of rebate-eligible products. As an example, a builder who installs an HVAC unit from one of our partners, in addition to door hardware from another will earn higher rebates for both of those products than they would if they just installed the HVAC system or the hardware on its own.

Why it’s good for home builders 

It’s an opportunity for builders to grow their rebate check in customized way that makes sense for their business 

By simply adding one small product from a manufacturer to their existing product mixbuilders can quickly move up into a higher earning tier 

To maximize earnings, it could be as simple as ensuring builders are claiming all of the brand partners they're already using.  

It could also mean builders may want to consider switching to a different brand on the HomeSphere programThat’s where our regional market specialists, also unique to HomeSphere, come inThey work one-on-one with our builders to identify good product opportunities and can introduce builders to the appropriate sales reps at our brand partners — making it as simple as possible to switch brands and earn higher rebates.  

Why it’s good for building product manufacturers 

While it’s clear why higher rebates are good for builders, the bundled rebate is also great for manufacturers.  

And the reason is pretty simplemanufacturer’s individual rebate offerings are enhanced when they’re paired with rebates from other brand partners on the HomeSphere Rebate Program.  

Collectively, our brand partners are able to offer maximum earnings to builders. That helps our builders meet their rebate return goals and receive more money back for their business, which they can put to use in a variety of ways 

This in turn leads to increased brand loyalty and an incentive to continue using HomeSphere’s brand partners, as well as to continually add new partners to their product mix.  

So, while manufacturers are helping builders protect their margins, our bundled rebate structure is helping manufacturers protect their own 

Are there any cons? 

Not that we can think of. Our bundled rebate structure is a way for builders to earn more in rebates while allowing manufacturers the opportunity to take their own rebate further 

Builders can still join and benefit from our program even if they only use one of our brand partners  the bundled rebate structure is simply a way to earn even more.  

Builders: Start earning more 

If you’re an active HomeSphere builder and want to know how you can maximize your rebates, contact your regional market specialist today. You can find their contact information within My HomeSphere® under the RMS Locator. Log in now. 

Not yet a HomeSphere partner?

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