HomeSphere-IQ Enterprise and the Advantages of a Partner Manager

August 20, 2020


Building product manufacturers who partner with HomeSphere for HomeSphere-IQ® Enterprise gain access to more than our robust platform — they also secure a dedicated partner whose goals mirror theiown 

From the start, our partner management team is here to help you navigate HomeSphere’s solutions so you can create more meaningful connections with highly profitable home builders 

Why brands work with HomeSphere

Building product brands join HomeSphere to gain access to our community of 2,600+ hard-to-reach home builders so that they can exceed customer acquisition goals, unlock valuable supply chain insight and increase customer retention.  

In 2019, our builders closed 200,000+ homes, constructed 27 percent more homes than the top 10 nationals combined and drove $600 million in sales to our manufacturers. 

Some faces behind the partner management team include Brian Sherry and Adam Rahllboth partner managers, and Britt Gardiner, one of our customer success representatives who onboards and offers ongoing supportLeading the team is Cliff Jurgens, HomeSphere’s director of partner management.  

The team’s goals are simple: 

[1] Become your trusted consultant

The partner management team is here to help make your partnership with HomeSphere a success, and to do that the team comes together to learn your brand and industry, so they can offer trusted advice.  

First, the team will onboard you to our program, which includes an introduction to the valuable tools and resources within HomeSphere-IQ so you can use the platform to its fullest potential. They will also work with you to educate the HomeSphere sales team about your products, so your brand is represented at its best to the HomeSphere builder community 

Once you’re on board, our partner managers are your key contacts 

“My role is to work with you at a strategic level to help you get the most out of our program and ensure your objectives are being met,” Sherry said.  

Not yet a HomeSphere partner?

HomeSphere connects residential construction builders with building product manufacturers to facilitate long-lasting relationships through our award-winning software platforms, My HomeSphere® and HomeSphere-IQ®.

[2] Help you meet program objectives 

To help partners meet their objectivesRahll starts by turning more lofty goals like “drive new business” into concrete ones that are measurable and can be tracked and improved upon.  

These goals are then assessed regularly in account reviews, so everyone is on the same page 

In addition to tracking program objectives, the team serves as your liaison to the rest of HomeSphere, including our sales and marketing teams who help to sell and promote your products to our builders. They can help you promote your brand and products to the builder base and initiate a variety of effective, targeted marketing services. 

Partner managers will also communicate your business objectives to our market specialists in the field. For instance, they'll let our field team know when youre trying to grow brand usage in a certain region or if you’re running a special promotion.  

[3] Uncover opportunities you may not see 

One of the most important things that happens in account reviews is the sharing of insights and data. Our team arrives with the numbers to help you assess your market share among HomeSphere’s builder base and they help you draw conclusions from the customer data you receive in HomeSphere-IQ Enterprise 

“We have a report that shows when builders are using a brand, but aren’t using it 100 percent of the time,” Rahll said. “I like to sit down with partners and help them determine how we can grow that brand usage, and what could be holding those builders back.”  

The team also compares current and historical data to track trends in brand usage and which products are being used the most — among other impactful things 

“One of my favorite reports to discuss is HomeSphere-IQ's Sales Analysis report,” Sherry said. “We can show our partners when builders have stopped using their products and can even conduct product usage analysis to help our partners spot trends in their product mix.”  

At the end of the day 

HomeSphere’s partner managers are like an extension of your organization. The insights provided by the partner management team help to show a clearer look at your market share in residential new construction.  

“We help to solve the puzzle,” Rahll said — whether that’s providing a better look at the supply chaingiving deeper insight into customer behavior or providing industry expertise on how to best attract home builders to your brand.  

Learn more about HomeSphere-IQ Enterprise

HomeSphere-IQ Enterprise allows building product manufacturers to: 

  • Take control of the builder sales process 
  • Gain customer insights to develop more profitable relationships 
  • Get a better ROI on marketing spends 
  • Gain access to a dedicated team that works with you to succeed in residential new construction 

Learn more about the Enterprise subscription.