Forget Trade Shows, Gain Leads on Home Builders with Builder Discovery

October 13, 2020


Sales lead generation for building product manufacturers was already a challenge. Now, with the largest trade shows like IBS going virtual, it’s even more of one. That’s why helping manufacturing reps directly target and find leads on home builders is something we’ve specialized at for more than 20 years. 

Now more than ever, the need for digital selling tools is keyOur platform, HomeSphere-IQ®is continually evolving to make it easier for manufacturers to access and pursue local and regional home builders from wherever you are(Check out the stats on our 2,600+ builders.) 

Today, we’re spotlighting the feature in HomeSphere-IQ that’s designed precisely for gaining new businessBuilder Discovery.  

Builder Discovery in a nutshell 

Builder Discovery puts sales in the driver’s seat with access to construction profiles and behavioral data on 2,600+ home builders located across the United States. Our community of builders represent more than 200,000 closings per year20 percent of the U.S. new home market and $16 billion in annual building materials purchased 

How Builder Discovery works 

It’s simple. Within the tool, youre able to target builder opportunities based on the demographics and behavioral information that most match your ideal customer.  

From our insights on 2,600+ builders, users can filter builders by: 

  • State and region 
  • Single-family and multifamily 
  • Opportunity value 
  • The number of units a builder constructs per year 
  • And more 

Once you’ve targeted a builder who seems like a good fit, you can use the same tool to assign the lead to yourself or another sales rep, pass notes back and forth while pursuing the lead and track the lead’s status through the sales funnel.  

Not yet a HomeSphere partner?

HomeSphere connects residential construction builders with building product manufacturers to facilitate long-lasting relationships through our award-winning software platforms, My HomeSphere® and HomeSphere-IQ®.

Access to builders anytime, anywhere 

Forget bad — yesomehow still pricy — contact lists that don’t tell you much about a lead at all.  

Builder Discovery takes you past a builder’s name and number to provide the insights you need to determine whether a lead is worth your time or not 

It’s also available anytime, anywhere with an internet connection — allowing you to find new builder business whether you’re working out of your home, an office or a hotel room 

Find best-fit builders 

When you’ve got the right insights, your sales approach can become far more efficient. Take your time back, and put your strongest efforts toward builders who are most likely to use your products.  

Do you manufacturhigh-end products that are targeted toward custom and semi-custom builders? Builder Discovery can highlight those builders 

Do you produce affordable products perfect for entry-level homes? Builder Discovery can help you zero in on those builders as well.  

Builder Discovery is yours to help you find the best opportunities.  

Drive opportunities through the sales funnel faster 

Think of Builder Discovery as a mini-CRM tool. Once you’ve targeted a builder, you have all the tools to track the progress of that builder within Builder Discovery.  

Collaborate with your sales team to win the lead through an easy-to-use notes function and assign statuses to the lead so everyone on your team knows where it’s at.  

And like any other CRM, you can track and pursue multiple leads at a time. 

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