Exclusive: HomeSphere-IQ Enterprise’s New Dashboard is Here

May 19, 2020


HomeSphere-IQ® Enterprise now features an upgraded dashboard that immediately helps you turn insights into action by putting the data your brand needs to grow front and center within HomeSphere-IQ.  

From the moment you log in to the platform, you’re in ultimate control. Gain instant awareness of your market share of builders on HomeSphere and take action to retain and develop your customer base.  

The new dashboard also provides direct access to core features within HomeSphere-IQ Enterprise that are key to getting the most out of our platform.  

What’s included in the new dashboard 

Our product team, UX designer and developers dove deep to bring you a dashboard that’s easy to use and provides you with the powerful builder data you want to see first. When you log in, instantly know: 

  • Your estimated revenue for closings 
  • Your current market share among builders and total closings 
  • Missed revenue opportunities like the number of builders not using your products 
  • At-a-glance insight into the builders you’re currently targeting, plus builder leads HomeSphere’s sales team has generated for you 

Most importantly, the new dashboard goes beyond simply presenting these numbers, and provides direct access to the platform’s Builder Discovery, Program Analysis and other lead management tools so you can take immediate action where needed 

“We developed the dashboard with close feedback from our manufacturer partners to make using our platform even easier,” Alayne Wilinsky, product manager at HomeSphere, said. “This feature lets users cut to the core of what they need to know to grow their business.”  

How to use the dashboard 

Turning insights into action is a nice turn of phrase, but what it really means is that your new dashboard propels you to take practical steps to retain and grow your brand’s market share.  

Use the dashboard to: 

  • Monitor whether your share of HomeSphere’s builder partners is increasing or decreasing so you know if corrective action needs to be taken 
  • Verify if your sales team is staying on top of qualified leads sent to you by our in-market specialists and see at a glance how many leads, and their estimated revenue value, are on the verge of expiring 
  • Directly target new builder opportunities (organized by estimated revenue) among builders who aren’t claiming your product category, and make a plan to win their business 
  • Keep an eye on the builders you’ve already targeted to make sure they’re progressing through the sales funnel and not languishing as a forgotten lead 

In a nutshell, your dashboard helps you stay on top of current business, take action to expand your business and project future growth 

Not yet a HomeSphere partner?

HomeSphere manufacturer partners have access to the largest community of home builders in the United States.

Who has access to the new dashboard? 

Brand partners who use HomeSphere-IQ Enterprise can see the new dashboard. If you are an existing partner who doesn't see it when you log in, please contact your partner manager. 

Considering a subscription to HomeSphere-IQ Enterprise? 

Retain and grow your share of mid-market builders in HomeSphere’s network with our powerful platform that connects you to profitable builders.  

Through our data insights, you can not only grow your market share, but also have the power to peer into the supply chain and keep builders loyal to your brand. 

Check out our page on HomeSphere-IQ Enterprise. Then, let’s talk.  

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