A Dive into HomeSphere-IQ: The Platform for Building Product Manufacturers

April 14, 2020

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Our brand partners are a huge part of what makes HomeSphere the largest marketplace for both building product manufacturers and home builders. So, creating a platform that meets their needs is one of our top priorities.  

That platform is HomeSphere-IQ®, and we work to continually improve it with user feedback so it does just that 

We’re not trying to sound like a brochure, but we do want to explain how HomeSphere-IQ can help both growing and established building product manufacturers make a deeper mark in residential new constructionAnd during these uncertain times, it’s a platform you can use at any time from your own home office 

Do you like exceeding customer acquisition goals? 

We do too! We’re already on the same pageOur platform works to help you exceed your new customer acquisition goals by freeing your sales teams from bad contact lists and time-wasting cold calls.  

That’s a big promise. How?  

  • Demographic data you won’t find anywhere else. We provide demographics that matter so you can focus your sales resources on the builders most likely to buy your products.  
  • Access to an over 2,600-strong builder communityWe’re partnered with the largest community of highly-profitable builders in the industry. Not to brag on their behalf, but they constructed over 200,000 homes last year — that represents 27 percent more than the top 10 national home builders combined.  
  • Control over the sales process. One of HomeSphere-IQ's standout features puts you and your team in control of what builders you pursue. And you don’t just get a phone number, you get your very own CRM tool that promotes collaboration among your team and at-a-glance visibility into your sales pipeline.

And it’s not just your sales team HomeSphere-IQ is designed for. Our marketing feature allows you to leverage your marketing dollars to reach an engaged, targeted segment of our builder network. Choose from a variety of campaign options — from digital to print — to get better ROI on your marketing spend.  

Do you have real-time customer and supply chain insight? 

We've heard from a lot of manufacturers that they don’t — but you most definitely should.  

Real-time customer insights: Know who’s buying your products, who’s using less and less of your products and who’s so close to using your brand exclusively.  

Supply chain insights: Know the very address where your products are installed, who installed them and what distributor was used.  

For starters, you can know if your customers are having issues with your brand that you can then address. You can also use the supply chain insights to establish a relationship with a home’s new owner for repair, replacement and warranty activities 

Not yet a HomeSphere partner?

HomeSphere manufacturer partners have access to the largest community of home builders in the United States.

Do you have a customer retention strategy? 

We talk a lot about customer retention because it’s a huge revenue source — it’s estimated that increasing retention by 5 percent can increase profits by 25 percent.  

With HomeSphere-IQ, you can uncover sales opportunities among your existing customers at your fingertips. Target builders ready for upselling or cross-selling, or work to get builders using you exclusively. It’s your data to leverage to your benefit.  

You’ll also be able to quickly validate builders’ rebate claims so they know you’re easy and reliable to work with, and so they trust in your loyalty program.  

And this is all in one platform? 

Yes, while we laid out the benefits, the features we’re really talking about are: 

  • Easy-to-use builder lead discovery 
  • A data and loyalty engine 
  • Marketing services 
  • Invoice review 
  • And more  

Want a closer look? Let us know at customerservice@homesphere.com.  

In the meantime, check out our Business Blueprints where we provide tips on creating stronger relationships with home builders based on 20 years of insider knowledge.  

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