Expand into Residential New Construction with HomeSphere-IQ Emerge

December 3, 2019

Expand into Residential New Construction with HomeSphere-IQ Emerge

It’s our goal to help building product manufacturers of all sizes expand their market share in residential new construction. Toward that, we recognize that not all building product manufacturers need the same solutions. Welcome HomeSphere-IQ®’s Emerge subscription.

Emerge is designed exclusively for building product manufacturers who either have no presence or only a small market share in residential new construction, and need a professional partner to help them gain access to local and regional home builders. 

As your partner, we’ll help you use your dollars wisely to acquire new customers, strengthen your customer retention strategy and grow your brand awareness. 

Key features

Because our Emerge subscription is intended for growing manufacturers, we’ve streamlined HomeSphere-IQ so you have access to the tools you need without paying for those you don’t.

Grow awareness through marketing services. Collaborate with us to launch products, promote special events and raise brand awareness through email, digital, print and custom campaigns. Let our active builder base and prospects know who you are and what you have to offer.

Close effectively with Builder Discovery. Find builder leads within our community of more than 2,700 builders. Our Builder Discovery tool lets you view builder profiles and behavioral and demographic data on the builders in your subscribed regions. Find and target the best-fit builders and work your opportunities through the funnel from initial target to win. 

Unlock customer data through your own rebate engine. Use rebates to acquire new customers while strengthening already existing relationships. We’ll take care of the rebate process with no added overheard to you. Meanwhile, you can reward actual product use for targeted impact and get away from pricing wars with competitors. 

Use reports and eLearning tools to earn exclusive brand usage and retain customers. Emerge subscribers will have access to automated reports within HomeSphere-IQ, in addition to a monthly scorecard that tracks your successes and areas where you have more opportunities to grow. 

Subscribers will also receive our full eBook, “HomeSphere’s Exclusive Guide on Selling to Home Builders.” It takes you through the state of the current industry, the solutions home builders need from you and more. 

Not yet a HomeSphere partner?

HomeSphere manufacturer partners have access to the largest community of home builders in the United States.

Who’s it for?

This subscription is specifically for building product manufacturers who currently don’t have market presence in residential new construction and want to increase market share in their region. This includes manufacturers who are just starting, those who only sell in a very specific area and those who don’t have an extensive field team. 

(Are you a national manufacturer with established market presence? Learn about our HomeSphere-IQ Enterprise subscription.)

Sales: The robust builder profiles were created with you in mind, so you can take control and close more business. 

Marketers: Our tools can help you generate brand awareness by leveraging our builder relationships and above-average engagement.  

Where do I learn more?

Let us know your interest and we’ll get you started! 

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