HomeSphere’s Dena Glover Earns C-Suite Award

September 12, 2019

HomeSphere’s Dena Glover Earns C-Suite Award

Excuse our excitement, but we’re pretty happy to announce that our very own Dena Glover earned a C-Suite Award from the Denver Business Journal for CFO of a Small Company last night. Glover is a HomeSphere veteran who’s been integral in growing the company (and showing the boys that there’s room for women in construction too).

With Glover’s expertise, the company has grown nearly 4 times in size — an annual compounded rate of 21 percent — and she’s also helped to add 30-plus team members. Believing in paying it forward, she’s actively recruited women for open positions and HomeSphere is proud to be 41 percent female (compare that to 9.1 percent industry-wide), and 50 percent female at the management level.

She’s also played a big role in the development of our philanthropic work, including our 10-year partnership with Rebuilding Together Metro Denver, and in organizing volunteer days and donations.

As a member of HomeSphere’s 6-person leadership team, Glover has been integral in leading and managing HomeSphere’s finances and operations. And as a 14-year veteran, she’s seen it all. She was here for the 2008 housing industry crash and helped HomeSphere’s CEO Glenn Renner devise a strategic plan to ensure the company’s survival.

In 2015, she helped Renner position the company for a growth capital investment by Teakwood Capital, which helped us quickly move forward in our vision of developing an industry-leading technology platform.

We think it’s her unique combination of skills that’s been a key factor in our success. While she’s always financially savvy, she also thinks creatively and has redesigned most of HomeSphere’s systems and processes to help keep us relevant and poised for growth.

But she’s not just a number-cruncher, she’s a deeply compassionate leader who serves as a beacon for individuals, especially women, entering the field. And while she prefers to stay out of the spotlight, we’re happy to do the bragging for her. Congratulations, Dena!

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