Siemens Provides Whole House Safety To Support 2020 NEC Changes

July 7, 2021


This blog post is sponsored by Siemens. 

Siemens, a global manufacturer of electrical products, provides secure and reliable electrical power that home builders can count on for residential new construction projects. From surge protection to electrical load centers and circuit breakers, Siemens supports whole house safety and will serve as your partner in navigating the latest National Electrical Code changes.  

In the latest update to the NEC, there are a few major changes related to surge protection, ground-fault circuit interrupter protection and outdoor disconnects.  

Here’s what you need to know about the 2020 NEC changes: 

[#1] All services supplying dwelling units must be provided with a surge protection device. This requirement is intended to address the need to protect sensitive electronics in items such as appliances, smoke alarms, arc-fault circuit interrupters and ground-fault circuit interrupters. The device can be either Type 1 or Type 2, and this requirement also applies when existing service equipment is replaced.  

[#2] GFCI requirements include two important revisions and a new requirement related to locations. First, the text was changed to now require all 125-volt through 250-volt receptacles to have GFCI protection for personnel where supplied by single-phase branch circuits rated 150 volts or less to ground. Second, the requirement has been revised to include finished and unfinished areas of the basement (the previous requirement limited GFCI protection to only unfinished portions) in addition to the other required dwelling locations (11 in total). Finally, indoor damp and wet locations have been added to the list of required locations for GFCI protection (like mudrooms and changing rooms) due to the increased risk of shock because of moisture or saturation.  

[#3] One- and two-family dwelling units are now required to have an emergency disconnect installed outside in a readily accessible location. The purpose of this new requirement is to provide first responders with the ability to safely disconnect services during an emergency, hence why it is also referred to as the “fireman’s disconnect.” This requirement can be fulfilled in three ways, including marking an existing service disconnect that’s suitably located, installing a labeled meter disconnect or installing a disconnecting means that is listed as “suitable for use as service equipment” on the supply side of the service disconnect. 

A full breakdown of the 2020 NEC code changes, including more in-depth information on the changes listed above, can be found in Siemens’ application guide, "2020 NEC®: Significant Changes.”  

The 29-page guide highlights 26 changes, provides discussion commentary to give readers a clearer view of the updates and offers product solutions to help you meet the latest requirements.  

Siemens products that support 2020 NEC code requirements 

Image of Siemens BoltShield technologySurge protection 

The Siemens BoltShield™ QSPD series offers great solutions for meeting the new requirement for surge protective devices. This series is economical and easy to install in most panels throughout a building so whole home protection can be achieved. Features include: 

  • Diagnostic monitoring 
  • Standard compliance and certifications 
  • A 10-year warranty 

Learn more about the Siemens BoltShield QSPD series on the Siemens website. 

Image of Siemens surge protectorGFCI protection 

Siemens residential GFCI circuit breakers are an effective way to prevent severe electrical shock by continuously monitoring the difference in current between hot and neutral conductors. Siemens new plug-on electronic breaker is designed for faster and easier installation and variety of construction applications. Features include: 

  • Standard 1-inch per pole format 
  • Reliable installation 
  • Small footprint  

Learn more about Siemens residential GFCI circuit breakers on the Siemens website 

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