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June 2, 2021


This blog post is sponsored by Gerber.

At Gerber, we understand that meeting a homebuyer’s needs is an ever-evolving responsibility for home builders as you determine what new trend is likely to stay and what’s a passing fad. For buyers looking for their dream homes, it’s your job to meet their desires while helping them consider the practical side, like what they should focus on first and foremost.

We’ve created this list to help you and prospective buyers stay on top of the new home features to consider — and how Gerber can help provide solutions for the whole home, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Amenities that meet homebuyer needs

The basic needs of homebuyers naturally change based on their age, family situation and other demographics, but there are some generational commonalities.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, millennials want more bedrooms and outdoor living space while older generations, from Gen X to seniors, really value Energy-Star-rated appliances. The pandemic has also impacted what buyers want, particularly when it comes to private spaces and customizable space for schoolwork, offices and home gyms.

However, there are some common touches all buyers can agree on in the kitchen, bathroom and living spaces.

Bathroom fixtures and plumbing products to meet the modern buyer

The NAHB found that most buyers want both a shower and tub, and are okay with them being connected, though separate utilities are often on buyers’ dream lists. A lack of linen closets — and good storage in general — are, however, a dealbreaker, and are expected in bathrooms.

NAHB’s Eye on Housing blog also emphasizes the importance of laundry rooms, with half of respondents in an NAHB survey suggesting laundry rooms are not simply wants but are absolute needs.

Gerber faucets, sinks and toilets for the full bathroom

Gerber offers classic faucets, and sleek self-rimming, undercounter and pedestal sinks to complement any bathroom décor. From simple single handle faucets to two-handle centersets, homebuyers can enjoy a hygienic and classic aesthetic in their bathrooms.

Gerber toilets are high quality and can be selected as a one-piece or two-piece with ErgoHeight™ or standard heights and an elongated or round front bowl. Download the 2021 Gerber Look Book.

Image of the Gerber Amalfi faucet home builders can earn rebates on.

Kitchen features on everyone’s checklist

The kitchen has long been the center of the house, and the pandemic has only fueled that notion as more people have rediscovered cooking and spending family time there.

Islands remain very popular (with some buyers opting for double islands!), while research indicates most buyers prefer double sinks. Buyers also want more storage in their kitchens in the form of a walk-in pantry, as well as extra space for an eating nook. As previously mentioned, Energy-Star-rated appliances continue to be a draw as well, particularly with stainless steel finishes.

Gerber kitchen faucets

For the kitchen, Gerber offers an array of stylish faucets to suit serious foodies, amateur chefs and those buyers who simply plan to prepare easy meal kits. Gerber’s kitchen faucets include spring sprout faucets, pull-down prep faucets, two-handle bridge faucets with matching side sprays and more.

Finishes include chrome, brushed bronze, satin black and the ever-popular stainless steel so builders can match appliances to faucets for a coordinated look. Download the 2021 Gerber Look Book.

Image of the Gerber Parama faucet that home builders can earn rebates on.

Living room touches sure to draw homebuyers

Within living spaces, people are more interested in indoor/outdoor living, and are drawn to spaces where there is access to the outdoors, whether that’s access to a private patio, the backyard or etc. Buyers also tend to prefer their kitchen to be next to or attached to their dining room, and it should be noted that while open floorplans may have caused headaches in the past year, they’re not on their way out.

Additionally, buyers are always looking for that extra storage, like in the kitchen and bathroom, and want to see walk-in closets and ensuite bathrooms.

Match Gerber fixtures throughout the whole house for a clean, modern look and consider nooks like wet bars to provide additional convenience, and storage, for homebuyers.

Earn builder rebates on Gerber plumbing fixtures

HomeSphere builders are eligible for Gerber rebates on select faucets, bathroom sinks, toilets and plumbing accessories. If you’ve used Gerber or plan to use the brand on an upcoming construction project, sign up to earn cash back now.

Current HomeSphere builders who’d like to add Gerber to your existing rebate plan should contact your regional market specialist.

Learn more about Gerber now

Download Gerber's 2021 Look Book now to view their latest products.

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