Leviton Load Centers and More Rebate-Eligible for Home Builders

March 9, 2021

Leviton Load Centers and More Rebate-Eligible for Home Builders

Leviton, one of the top manufacturers of load centerslighting controls and wiring devices, is now available for rebates on the HomeSphere Rebate Program. Builders who use Leviton in their residential new construction projects can earn cash back on select products through HomeSphere.  

For more than a century, Leviton has worked to develop innovative, value-added products and system solutions for its customers. The brand takes pride in being the most preferred for lighting controls and switches amongst builders — according to Leviton, there’s at least one Leviton device in every home in the U.SThe brand is also serious about partnering with builders by providing technical and marketing support so builders can win the sale and increase their profit margins 

Leviton works with both single-family and multifamily builders, offering rebates on load centers, Decora smart products, wiring devices and Wi-Fi Structured Media Centers.  

Leviton products featured on the HomeSphere Rebate Program 

Load centers 

Leviton’s award-winning load centers now feature a sleek new look, and can include smart circuit breakers to give homeowners insights on energy usage. Leviton load centers also feature: 

  • Safety protection that exceeds UL requirements 
  • The fastest installation in the market 
  • User-friendly diagnostics with easy-to-read LEDs 

Light switches 

Leviton’s light switches, including popular Decora switches, are designed for simplicity and include smart options like the Decora Smart™ Wi-Fi Switch and the Decora Smart™ 600W Dimmer. Features include: 

  • Smart lighting control from anywhere using Apple products, Z-Wave controllers and apps for iOS or Android.  
  • Antimicrobial surfaces to help combat the spread of bacteria 

Wi-Fi Structured Media Centers 

Leviton’s Wi-FI Structured Media Centers provide an ideal central distribution point to manage wireless and wired residential networks. Features include: 

  • Easy installation 
  • Mounting flexibility and more capacity 
  • Better thermal management  

Already using Leviton 

Have you used Leviton products on a residential new construction project this year, or do you plan to on an upcoming projectYou could be eligible to earn rebates through the HomeSphere Rebate Program. See our full list of partners to compare your brand usage. Through HomeSphere, you can earn more cash back the more brands you use who are part of our 1,500+-strong rebate catalog. 

Start Collecting Rebates on Leviton

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