Earn Rheem Rebates While Providing Buyers with Efficient Water Heaters

December 10, 2020

Earn Rheem Rebates While Providing Buyers with Efficient Water Heaters

Rheem Water Heating solutions provide home builders with reliable and energy-efficient options for residential water heaters. Their innovative products include hybrid electric water heaters and tankless water heaters that save energy (and costs!) for the homebuyer. While these products are eligible for consumer rebates (another plus for buyers), they’re also eligible for builder rebates through the HomeSphere Rebate Program. 

The desire for energy efficiency is a huge trend that’s driven by both consumer demand and government regulations according to Plumbing & Mechanical magazine. It's also a trend that won’t be going away any time soon as people continue to spend more time in their homes.  

Another trend? Plumbing and Mechanical notes that interest in connectivity is also growing as consumers want more control over their homes. That’s why Rheem Water Heating options include smart features that let homeowners control hot water usage and monitor leaks through smart detection.  

Best of all, in addition to staying on top of water heating trends, home builders who use Rheem Water Heating products are eligible for a Rheem water heater rebate through HomeSphereIf you already use or plan to use Rheem Water Heating in current or upcoming new construction projects, sign up to start claiming rebates today. The HomeSphere Rebate Program is free for home builders.  

Rheem Water Heating products featured on the HomeSphere Rebate Program 

Photo of Rheem the Proterra hyrbid electric water heaterRheem ProTerra Hybrid Electric Water Heater 

The Rheem ProTerra is the most efficient hybrid electric water heater in the industry. The ENERGY STAR certified system is four times more efficient than a standard electric tank but is as easy to install as a standard water heater.  

Other benefits include: 

  • Rheem's exclusive EcoNet Wi-Fi technology that allows users to monitor the system from anywhere, adjust temperatures and be alerted to maintenance needs.  
  • The LeakGuard model option that provides built-in leak detection and auto-shut-off to prevent water damage.  
  • Detailed system diagnostics for plumbers through Rheem’s Contractor App.  

Photo of Rheem outdoor tankless water heaterRheem Tankless Indoor/Outdoor Water Heaters 

Rheem Water Heating has a full line of tankless water heaters that allow users to maximize hot water while saving on energy (tankless water heaters only produce hot water when it’s needed). Importantly, it’s projected that the tankless market will grow significantly from 2020 to 2026.  

Other benefits include: 

  • Space saving: Rheem tankless water heaters fit in compact spaces, freeing up usable space in the home.  
  • Reduced installation time thanks to ½" gas line compatibility, low-cost PVC venting and more. 
  • The approval of plumbers, with more plumbers selling Rheem tankless water heaters than any other tankless brand.  

Already using Rheem Water Heating?  

If you plan to or have already used Rheem water heaters in a construction project this year, you are eligible to earn rebates through the HomeSphere Rebate ProgramConsult our full list of partners to check if you qualify for additional rebates. Through HomeSphere, you can earn even more in rebates when you use products across our 80+ brand partners. Note: Rheem Water Heating rebates extend beyond the products mentioned in this article. Scroll down to the form at the link below to sign up and see if your product usage qualifies for cash back.

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