FlowGuard Gold® CPVC Alleviates Plumbing Challenges in High-Demand Housing Market

June 8, 2021

Photo of FolowGuard Gold piping sytem for residential construction

This blog post is sponsored by FlowGuard Gold Plumbing Systems.

The housing market is experiencing incredible demand, and it’s not likely to stop anytime soon — particularly for new-home builders working tirelessly to fill the need for more housing. But we know this rapid growth also brings three key challenges. That’s why FlowGuard Gold Plumbing Systems is here to offer you plumbing solutions that address these concerns, so you can maintain a measure of stability at your jobsites.

Challenge #1: Keeping costs down, but quality high

You can’t open an industry publication without reading how building materials are continuing to rise in cost. Since April 2020, lumber alone has risen by more than 275 percent. Global supply chains continue to experience disruptions, and the plumbing world has felt the impact.

For instance, supply chain issues have affected the availability of PEX and there’s been significant price increases for some DWV and PEX systems. In fact, a leading PEX manufacturer published their own cost analysis that found PEX costs 50 percent more than CPVC.

Photo of FlowGuard Gold Pipe Installation

Make the switch to FlowGuard Gold CPVC for savings all around

As noted, FlowGuard Gold CPVC can reduce material cost by up to 50 percent versus PEX systems, and that cost savings extends across mains, risers and units regardless of pipe diameter. A FlowGuard Gold CPVC System can also be installed more quickly according to Home Innovation Research Labs (formerly NAHB Research Center). Their study found that CPVC installs about 15 percent faster than PEX, when used in its most common layout, which means switching to our systems won’t result in increased labor costs. FlowGuard Gold Plumbing Systems is a smart replacement and there are no special, expensive tools needed to install our system. Learn more about making the switch now.

Challenge #2: Maintaining demand and quality

It’s an old tale: Business is frenzied, so owners are willing to cut down on quality to meet huge demand — only to then be faced with the fall-out of a damaged reputation.

We’re here to help you prevent this scenario by offering unsurpassed quality in addition to a more dependable supply chain, quick installation and competitive pricing.

Enjoy reliable performances in these essential areas:

  • Chlorine resistance
  • Water pressure
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water quality

Challenge #3: Meeting sustainability goals

FlowGuard Gold Plumbing Systems can help you achieve your sustainability goals so you, and your prospective buyers, can appreciate your commitment to minimizing environmental impact.

We are the first hot and cold-water distribution brand to undergo the rigorous Life Cycle Assessment, an independent evaluation conducted by ERM and peer reviewed by Dr. Walter Klöppfer, editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment. The analysis showed a significant benefit to using FlowGuard Gold CPVC products.

FlowGuard Gold Pipe and Fittings is also the only residential plumbing pipe system to receive the Home Innovation NGBS Green Certification.

Meet these challenges while earning builder rebates

To add an additional benefit, home builders are eligible for rebates on FlowGuard Gold Plumbing Systems through HomeSphere. Builders who have used our products recently or plan to use them in an upcoming project can sign up now to start earning rebates as a thank you from us for trusting us with your builds.

Interested in making the switch?

See how easy it is to start using FlowGuard Gold CPVC on your next project. Training is available for subcontractors interested in switching.

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