7 Habits of the Highly Successful HomeSphere Builder (Earn Higher Rebates!)

June 22, 2021


Home builders are eligible to earn building product rebates when you use a HomeSphere brand partner on a new residential construction project, but we know you don’t want one-off checks every now and then — you want meaningful cash back on a consistent basis.  

That’s why we’re offering inside tips on how HomeSphere builders, and all builders thinking of joining HomeSphere, can become our highest rebate earners. These tricks are straight from HomeSphere’s Sam Stephens, who works with builders every day to find new rebate opportunities.  

Before we get started, keep in mind that the more brands and products you use on the HomeSphere Rebate Program, the more cash back you’ll earn 

[1] Get your suppliers involved 

Suppliers and distributors benefit from referring builders to HomeSphere, and cutting down on your costs by purchasing rebate-eligible products from them doesn’t hurt their margins. In fact, our program is a great sales angle for them. Make it easy on yourself and find out which other HomeSphere rebate-eligible products they carry so you can make low-effort switches and earn more in rebates. 

[2] Speak with your HomeSphere rep at least twice a year 

We don’t need to text every day, but our in-market experts can update you on our newest brand partners, review your newest projects and make sure you’re not missing any rebates, help you sort out trade issues and make sure that ever-changing building requirements aren’t hurting your bottom line. You can find who your regional market specialist is within My HomeSphere® by clicking on “RMS Locator” in the left navigation bar. Still can’t find them? Contact our customer service 

[3] Use My HomeSphere 

Our portal makes it easy to upload rebate claims, track what projects you've claimed rebates on and what projects you still need to claim, and quickly verify what to expect in your next rebate check. When you log in, you’ll be able to see at-a-glance what you’ve earned year-to-date and the brands you claim the most. Plus, your accountant will appreciate the platform’s reporting feature!  

[4] Get buy-in from your purchasing managers 

Not your company’s purchasing manager? Help get their buy-in by showing them how rebates are, in effect, a good way to get discounts. With their buy-in, they’ll be on the same page to find products that are rebate-eligible, helping you increase your earnings while, hopefully, giving them a surplus in their budget.  

[5] Make sure you’re receiving HomeSphere emails 

We always notify our builders when a new partner is available for rebates so you can add them to your program and earn even more. We’re routinely partnering with new brands and finding new opportunities for our builders (did you know about our partnership with The Home Depot?), but you won’t know about them if you’re not in contact with your regional market specialist or seeing our communications.  

Not yet a HomeSphere builder?

HomeSphere is a free rebate program offering cash back on over 1,500 products from more than 80 of the top building product manufacturing brands.

[6] Involve HomeSphere before you start building 

This is especially important for multifamily builders. When you involve us before you start building, we can help you create a product plan that will get you the most possible earnings in rebates. That way you’ll go into building already knowing what you can expect back in rebates and use that number for planning purposes (keeping in mind that your rebate amount will change dependent on brand and product usage).  

[7] Maintain consistency in claiming rebates 

Our highest rebate earners are extremely consistent in uploading and claiming rebates on their projects. When you stay in the habit, it’s faster to upload your latest claims, whether you report monthly or quarterly.  

Bonus: Keep HomeSphere in mind for all rebates 

A lot of builders on our program are used to working with HomeSphere for our HomeSphere Rebate Program, but we can also help manage and administer direct rebates, which can add a significant amount to your total rebate earnings. Learn more. 

We’ll work to make earning rebates from HomeSphere as easy as possible for you, and these seven habits will only help you multiply your rebates. Any questions? We’re always here to help. Get in contact with your regional market specialist today 

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