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Get more out of your earnings by adding direct rebates.

Watch how HomeSphere can help you earn more cash back for your business with our new direct rebate solution on the My HomeSphere® platform.

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You could be earning


in total rebate dollars!

Finding new revenue sources is more important than everBadding direct rebates to rebates you're already getting, you could earn as much as $500 per unitBuilding 600 units? That’s an easy $300,000!

Maximize your earnings with our direct rebate solution.


  • Save time and gain entry to the right people to negotiate mutually beneficial direct contracts.  
  • Stay up to date on the details of your contracts without any heavy lifting.  
  • Check in on your direct contracts in My HomeSphere® Direct and always know when to expect your rebates.
Direct Rebate Management

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3 Ways HomeSphere Can Alleviate Direct Rebate Pain

3 ways HomeSphere makes direct rebates easy

Our goal is to get you started with direct rebates so you can maximize your earnings. Don’t miss out because of perceived roadblocks.

Tips for Negotiating Direct Rebate Contracts

6 Tips for Negotiating Direct Rebates

Never negotiated a direct contract? Here’s advice from our direct rebate experts so you can get contracts in place that work for you.

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Direct rebates for multifamily builders.

Want a quick overview of our direct rebate solution? Check out our blog post and pass it on to your team.