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Product Feature: Ascend by Intermatic

Published: October 25, 2018

With or without Wi-Fi, Ascend by Intermatic makes every home feel like a smart home with automated lighting schedules.

This in-wall programmable timer allows homeowners to schedule up to 42 automated-lighing events per week. With pre-programmed templates covering 80 to 90% of most homeowners’ scheduling needs, Ascend is easy to set up without additional customization.

Where does Ascend work best?

Ascend is perfect for automating outside lights, whether it’s for the front porch steps, patio, or garden. Ascend’s utility extends to the indoors as well. It’s fantastic for lighting hallways, turning on bedroom lights with the rising sun, or discouraging burglars by lighting up the home while the family is away. On top of that, Ascend boosts energy efficiency, allowing homeowners to keep the lights on only during the hours they want.

Ascend configurations

Ascend comes in both a Wi-Fi enabled or standard configuration, both of which are backed up by a battery. For those looking for a true smart home experience, the Wi-Fi version is also Amazon Alexa enabled and controllable through the Ascend app.

Why builders and contractors will love Ascend

Ascend saves builders and contractors an average of 15 minutes per unit installed through their simple installation process. Contractors complete setup via the mobile app and a secure peer-to-peer communication channel even when Wi-Fi hasn’t been set up at the construction site yet.

Ascend by Intermatic is now on the HomeSphere Rebate Program

HomeSphere builders can now start earning rebates on Ascend by Intermatic. Ready to add Ascend to your construction projects? Contact your HomeSphere Regional Market Specialist to add it to your rebate plan.

Not yet a HomeSphere builder?

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