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Published: October 18, 2018

Digital-Footprints - constructech magazine - Glenn Renner - CEO of HomeSphere

In his latest article for Constructech Magazine, HomeSphere CEO Glenn Renner raises the question,

“If our entire music collection can be digitized and carried in our pocket, what’s holding us back from digitizing information about our most prized asset—the home?”

The answer, according to him, is our ability to collect home data. And it’s precisely this problem HomeSphere is solving by capturing product installation data through builder rebates.

Digitizing the U.S. housing stock will unlock the promise of smart home technology, one that is defined as much by the property’s location as it is by the current owner.

Renner states,

“When each product in a home—not just the home itself—is logged and tracked as a long-term asset, then we will have truly achieved a smart home. We’ll also have a smarter industry, with the tools to operate and plan more strategically.”

For more insight into the importance of a home’s digital footprint, be sure to check out his article over on Constructech.

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