Why Builders Are Installing Smart Home Security

smart home security

Looking for a competitive advantage as a home builder?

Installing smart home security systems is a great place to start.

According to the International Data Company, smart home security and monitoring is growing at a compound annual rate of 23% each year.

And builders are starting to take notice.

In 2017, smart home security was one of fastest growing product categories among HomeSphere builders who were installing smart home technology.

What’s driving the adoption?

Of all the smart home devices, builders choose smart home security because it’s easy to install and it adds the most value to the homeowner in terms of protection.

For builders thinking about installing smart home security systems, we recommend two of our favorite home security products: Nest cameras and Yale locksets. Both brands work perfectly well as solo installs. However, pairing them creates a formidable home security solution that will impress homebuyers.

Nest Cameras

nest cameraWith the smart home revolution, homeowners expect the ability to monitor and protect their homes from afar. Nest’s selection of cameras allows homeowners to do just that.

The cameras are made with an all-glass lens and premium materials. And since batteries are a bother when it comes to cameras, every Nest Cam can plug into power outlets, so the homeowner never misses a second of what’s going on in their homes.

In terms of capability, the cameras offer 24/7 live video, 1080p HD, a 3-hour snapshot history, and night vision. Better yet, the camera can send notifications through the Nest app should something set off the camera’s motion sensors.

When picking out cameras, think both indoor and outdoor for complete coverage. Fortunately, Nest has both types.

You can also take Nest’s protection to the next level by adding Nest Aware.

Yale Locksets

Yale Assure LockYale Locksets are perfect for controlling access to the home.

Yale’s smart locks allow you to manage user entry codes, track lock usage, and unlock doors remotely. Since homeowners don’t need a key to unlock the door, it’s perfect for granting access to cleaning services or Airbnb guests. Additionally, Yale can notify homeowners when a door has been accessed via text messages.

Best of all, Yale locksets are easy for builders to install. There are no wires to attach (runs on batteries) and set up can be done in minutes.

Combine Nest and Yale for advanced home security

Connectivity is key when setting up a home security system, and Nest cameras and Yale locksets work perfectly together, especially with the Nest app serving as your security hub.

Here are the combined advantages:

  • No more keys getting lost, copied or stolen
  • Create passcodes for friends and family and revoke them anytime using the Nest app
  • Alerts keep you posted on comings and goings through both cameras and locks
  • Nest and Yale Lock can automatically lock itself should you leave the house and forget to lock up
  • Lock and unlock your door from your phone, from anywhere using the Nest app
  • Lock the door with a quick tap

Ready to upgrade your smart home security for the homes you build?

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