6 Reasons Home Builders Should Switch to CPVC

July 1, 2021

Photo of FolowGuard Gold piping sytem for residential construction

This blog post is sponsored by FlowGuard Gold® Plumbing Systems.

Switching to CPVC is a smart choice for home builders thanks to its reliability, proven performance and easy install. But at FlowGuard Gold Plumbing Systems, we also work to make the switch as easy as possible for you and your plumbers.

In our last post, we discussed how FlowGuard Gold CPVC helps to alleviate plumbing challenges in our current high-demand market. Today, we’re diving in a little deeper to share with you six reasons you should make the switch to FlowGuard Gold CPVC this year.

#1: Ease of conversion

We understand that changing materials can be a process, which is why our team will walk you through making the switch. They’re prepared to work with builders, plumbers, distributors and inspectors to address any concerns and ensure a smooth transition.

Bilingual remote training sessions are also available upon request to help minimize any risk of installer error. Our products are also sold at all major plumbing wholesalers and select home improvement stores, making them available to a wider network.

#2: Easy installation

Another top concern we hear is about whether CPVC is harder to install than what you’re currently using. Luckily, that’s not the case. All that’s needed are FlowGuard Gold Pipe & Fittings, FlowGuard Gold One-Step Solvent Cement, pipe cutters, a chamfering tool and a clean rag. Our piping can then be installed in three easy steps. (See the steps in our free guide here.)

#3: Low cost of switching

Switching to FlowGuard Gold CPVC is not like switching to PEX — you’re not on the hook for thousands of dollars in special tools. In fact, no proprietary, special tools are required. You only need the aforementioned pipe cutters, chamfering tool and solvent cement, which can be obtained for less than $100 at most supply houses.

We’ve even had a plumber tell us:

“We started to use PEX when the economy went down. After doing more research on cost and efficiency, though, I became more interested in switching to FlowGuard Gold CPVC. The PEX piping was more time-consuming to install, and the fittings were more expensive.”

#4: Reliable, proven performance

We know reputation is important and there’s a reason more than 12 billion feet of FlowGuard Gold CPVC piping has been installed in the U.S. and plumbers have been installing our brand since 1959.

Our goal is to deliver clean, safe drinking water to your homeowners. FlowGuard Gold CPVC is immune to degradation caused by chlorinated drinking water, unlike PEX and copper systems.

Conversely, there have been at least 10 class-action lawsuits filed against PEX plumbing systems since 2008. These lawsuits stem from failures allegedly due to incompatibility between the PEX system and the water flowing through it.

#5: U.S. processing with an industry-leading warranty

FlowGuard Gold pipes and fittings are produced by leading North American manufacturers, and all FlowGuard Gold resins and compounds sold in the U.S. are produced in the same plant under Lubrizol’s control in Louisville, Kentucky.

FlowGuard Gold CPVC is also covered by industry-leading warranties that apply regardless of water conditions. Did you know? PEX and copper warranties are voided by chlorinated drinking water. FlowGuard Gold CPVC is chemically engineered to be compatible with all American drinking water.

#6: Rebates are available through HomeSphere

There’s an added incentive to get your plumbers on board with FlowGuard Gold CPVC. As a partner to HomeSphere, builders who use our CPVC piping in residential construction projects are eligible for rebates through HomeSphere. Builders who are already on the HomeSphere program can add FlowGuard Gold CPVC to existing plans to earn even more in rebates, while builders who are new to the program can start earning rebates on FlowGuard Gold CPVC today. Learn more here.

Photo of FlowGuard Gold Pipe Installation

Make the switch to FlowGuard Gold CPVC

Start using FlowGuard Gold CPVC on your next project.

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