Watch: Super Charge Your Rebate Earnings Through Direct Rebates

March 24, 2021

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Direct rebates are a great way for multifamily builders to earn rebate revenue of $300,000 or more per year, and what makes them even better is that you can continue to source your products the same way you always have and still qualify for them. HomeSphere’s Mike Rosenbach and Patrick Brandon discuss everything you need to know about direct rebates in the on-demand webinar, “How to Super Charge Your Rebate Earnings Through Direct Rebates.” 

This short webinar will take you from what direct rebates are, to how you earn them and more. If you’re already earning rebates through the HomeSphere Rebate Program, adding direct rebate agreements will only add more valuable rebate revenue. If you’re not a HomeSphere builder, you can learn about the HomeSphere Rebate Program here, and our Direct Rebate Management services here.  

In this webinar, you’ll hear: 

  • How to super charge your rebates with direct rebate agreements 
  • The basics of direct rebates, including how to earn them 
  • Top misconceptions about pursuing direct rebates 

Who should watch: 

Multifamily builders who like the idea of earning cash back for the products you use. Both current HomeSphere builders and builders who are new to HomeSphere benefit from learning more about direct rebates. 

Watch Super Charge Your Rebate Earnings

See the full webinar now and hear all about direct rebates and how they work. 

Highlights from the webinar 

Direct rebates are negotiated between the builder and the manufacturer and offer the maximum potential for cash back on product usage. Direct rebate agreements are also a great way to build a direct relationship with a brand.  

But Rosenbach and Brandon hear common misconceptions all the time, like: 

  • “I can only earn direct rebates by purchasing directly from the manufacturer.” 
  • “I’m too small to qualify for rebates.” 
  • If I sign up for direct rebates, my distributor will change my pricing.” 

These misconceptions are addressed directly in the webinar, but don't worry, they're just misconceptions. Respectively, you can continue to source your products in the same way, direct rebates are absolutely worth pursuing for any mid- to large-sized builder and your distributor will not increase their prices because rebates don't impact their profits.

Check for other misconceptions by watching the webinar now.  

How direct rebates work 

Rosenbach and Brandon also take viewers through the steps of how direct rebates work. In the traditional way, it typically goes like this: 

  1. You (the builder) identify the products you use in the largest volume. 
  2. You then reach out to the brands you use to try to set a meeting.  
  3. If you can get an ear at the manufacturer, you’re ready to start negotiations.  

Realistically, any part of this process can go wrong if you don’t have the time, have bad contacts or you miss out on potential rebate-eligible products so you’re not getting back your full rebate potential. 

That’s why Rosenbach and Brandon also discuss a better way to earn direct rebatesSign up to see how.  

Watch the webinar now.

Or, get in touch with our Direct Rebate team to learn more about direct rebates and how HomeSphere can help you pursue and manage them.

Hear directly from a manufacturer on earning direct rebates 

Curious why manufacturers want to offer you direct rebates? Hear straight from the brand PPG on why they offer direct rebates, how direct rebates benefit multifamily builders and more.  

Watch “Insider Secrets on Direct Rebates (With PPG)” 

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