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March 16, 2021

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Curious to hear how one manufacturer is gaining new builder business? Chris Toth, the national sales manager in residential new construction with Progressive Foam, joined HomeSphere’s Mark Muecke for a quick webinar that’s available on-demand now. 

Progressive Foam, a HomeSphere brand partneruses our platform HomeSphere-IQ® Emerge, which offers lead generation and customer analytic tools, to reach residential new construction home builders and expand their market share within the residential segment. 

In this webinar, you’ll hear: 

  • Helpful details on how Progressive Foam uses the HomeSphere platform to geotarget saleswin new business and reach more builders  
  • How the brand has navigated builder sales when their product category (insulated sheathing and other siding products) is typically picked by subcontractors 
  • How Progressive Foam is using supply chain insights, found in HomeSphere-IQ Emerge, to their benefit 

Who should watch: 

Building product manufacturers who are trying to increase product sales in the residential construction industry. Current HomeSphere partners will also find useful tips on how to use HomeSphere-IQ Emerge to their advantage. 

Watch “Gaining New Builder Business: An Inside Look with Progressive Foam”

See the full webinar now and hear all of Progressive Foam’s tips and tricks to gaining builder business. 

Highlights from the webinar 

Toth answers four primary questions: 

  1. How are you leveraging builder data to increase your market share? 
  2. How do you start conversations with home builders? 
  3. How do you find leads and work them through to a win? 
  4. How do you gain supply chain insights? 

Working the supply chain 

One notable takeaway is how Toth reaches more builders by working the distribution channel, thanks to the data he can pull from HomeSphere-IQ Emerge. As he says it himself, sheathing can often be a product that a builder defers to their subcontractors, so it’s important to get in with the wider trade network.  

First, he uses the platform feature Builder Discovery, which sorts demographic and behavioral data on builders into an easy-to-use database, creating opportunities for builders who match his ideal customer and are located in the regions he’s targeting.  

Then, his team can pursue those builders and leverage that information with local distributors.  

“Once you have your opportunity pipeline built, you can export that pipeline into Excel [and send it to a distributor’s sales team],” he said. "I think really more than anything at a high level, it gives you an opportunity to leverage your relationships with those channel partners...if you think about the way we do business, how often do you have the opportunity to say, ‘Hey, we sent you these 12 leads worth $4 million and we’re true trade partners. We’re here to help you grow your business.’” 

Not yet a HomeSphere partner?

HomeSphere manufacturer partners have access to the largest community of home builders in the United States.

Gain one builder, gain multiple builders 

Once his team wins a builder’s business, he takes it one step further and monitors the rebate claims, cataloged in HomeSphere-IQ Emerge, that are submitted by the builder. When home builders claim a rebate on Progressive Foam, they are asked to include their subcontractor’s name, which then gives him an opportunity to contact and build a relationship with that sub, if one doesn’t already exist.  

“Once you flip one builder, you should be flipping multiple builders through that supply chain,” he said.  

In another instance, he was able to gain a contractor’s information over the course of a conversation with a builder and had “truckloads” of product off to that contractor after they were able to make contact.  

Hear the rest of Toth’s tips in his discussion with Muecke in the webinar. 

And, see our full list of upcoming webinars and on-demand webinars on our Events page.

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