5 Solutions Home Builders Need from Building Product Manufacturers

November 5, 2020


The residential new construction industry is undergoing a lot of change  much of which is a result of the pandemic. From being pushed into property tech and virtual tools to maintain sales, to experiencing booming interest in new homes when work from home set in, home builders have had quite the year.  

In fact, the housing recovery has left builders feeling so confident, it’s breaking recordsAnd where there’s opportunity for home builders, there’s opportunity for building product manufacturers.  

While we have you covered on how to adapt to digital selling and all that 2021 is likely to bring, we also want to reiterate all that hasn’t changed in selling to home builders — and the solutions home builders will always need from you. These tips work whether you’re on Zoom, the phone or in person.  

They’re also pulled from HomeSphere’s Exclusive Guide on Selling to Home Builders. Scroll down to download the full guide.  

[1] Offer solutions, not products.  

Home builders have lots of product to choose from and they don’t have time to meet with a sales rep who’s only talking about their own brand. Instead, consider what problems you could help the home builder solve.  

If you want to get a foot in the door, help builders understand that your brand solves a problem for them — whether it’s cutting costs, adding energy-efficiency to a home or giving them a deal on products that will make their homes stand out from the rest. In this post-pandemic era, it’s also a great opportunity to let a builder know if your product meets the changing needs of consumers. 

[2] Keep costs in mind. 

Not staying on budget is a common joke in the world of real estate but helping a home builder stay on target with their budget is a fast way to make a good impression.  

Costs are a huge motivating factor for which products builders, or their subcontractors, pick. Some builders will have the budget for higher-end materials and products (like custom and luxury builders), while others will just need a good deal.  

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[3] Keep builder relationships in mind.  

Builders have a wide network of people they work with and it’s often subcontractors and suppliers who influence the products builders use. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the builder networks in your local market, and understand why a builder, or their subcontractor, uses a certain product.  

[4] Approach at the right time.  

Construction has a timeline. Don’t waste a home builder’s time by reaching out about insulation when the drywall is already up. That may seem obvious but sometimes brand sales reps can be too focused on their own product to consider what stage the home builder is even at.  

Your best bet to persuade a builder to use your product is between receiving a permit and starting your framing. There are some final touch products, like locks, that can push this timeframe, but in general it’s best to get your audience before the project is too far underway.  

[5] Think about the homebuyer.  

If you want to appeal to home builders, then keep their own customers in mind. That way, when you approach a home builder, you can articulate why using your product would make a home more valuable and unique to a homebuyer. 

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