Want to sell more product? Connect with builders.

HomeSphere-IQ® Emerge is for manufacturers looking to grow residential new construction relationships.

connect with builders and sell more product

Our builders will help you grow your market share.

HomeSphere-IQ is the only platform that enables manufacturers
like you to do so much more.


Discover and connect to builders ready for your products.

Target your sales activity to builders more likely to buy your products.

  • Access demographic data on builders in the regions that match your distribution.
  • Identify which builders are the best fit for your products.
  • Proactively move opportunities through your sales funnel.
Builder Discovery with Builder


Generate brand awareness in residential new construction.

While your sales team prospects our builders, start making a marketing impression.

  • Leverage our builder relationships and above-average engagement rates.
  • Get a better ROI on your marketing spend.
  • Choose from a variety of campaign options from digital to print.
Marketing Services


Your vehicle to customer insights, deeper loyalty and more business.

New business is the first step in developing customers for life.

  • Once you win the business, unlock insight into what products they're buying and with what frequency.
  • Detect warning signs before they become issues and take appropriate action.
  • Uncover opportunities to increase sales with builders who are developing loyalty to your brand.
Datay Loyalty Engine
Selling to Home Builders

We know builders, and we can help you sell to them better.

Before you purchase another overpriced contact list, consider all you could get instead.

Benefits HomeSphere-IQ Emerge Purchased Contact Lists
Builder contacts
Demographic and behavioral data on contacts
Built-in sales CRM tool
Real-time customer insights
Data and loyalty engine
Marketing services

See how a regional manufacturer grows market share with HomeSphere.

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HomeSphere-IQ Emerge is here to help you connect with builders.

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