The 6 Benefits of Working Directly with Building Product Reps

September 28, 2020


Establishing a relationship with local building product reps is a smart move for home builders for a variety of reasons — not least because it widens your resource pool and can offer you needed insight on the products you use 

That’s why we’re breaking down the top reasons you should keep your local brand reps on speed dial in this article.  

Gain access to more trades 

Working with reliable trades is crucial, and brand reps can be a wealth of knowledge on subcontractors, installers and other trade partners in your area. They can also be particularly useful if you’re breaking into new regions and are unfamiliar with the local resources.   

Stay on top of distribution issues and product availability 

Not sure when a product is going to be available again? Or why it’s late to your jobsite? Your distributor may only be able to tell you so much, but your brand rep can give you the lowdown on what the issues are and when you can expect the product. They can also work with you on a solution, like a suitable replacement that is in stock and more.  

Get ahead with an open line of communication  

It’s not just nice to be in the know, it’s advantageous to your business. By building relationships with the people behind the brands you use most, you can ensure they think of you when they’ve got deals to offer and new products that are perfect for the types of homes you build 

Offer product feedback and enhance your customer experience 

When you share your feedback on a product directly with a representative of that brand, they can pass it on to someone who can effect change. While we’re not saying they’ll immediately redesign or lower the price of a product to your liking, it’s valuable information the brand can use to stay competitive in the builder market. More than that, it also lets your brand rep know your needs as a customer, and what you are and aren’t interested in.  

Not yet a HomeSphere builder?

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Plan in advance for product changes 

No one likes learning their favorite product is discontinued because it suddenly stops appearing in stores — and we’re guessing you don’t like to learn something is permanently unavailable when you call your distributor to place an order. Brand reps can let you know these things in advance so you can plan ahead for upcoming projects without having to make last-minute changes.  

Negotiate rebates and earn cash back  

Another reward of working directly with brand reps is that you can negotiate rebates on the building products you use, and then use that cash back to offset the costs of building. Most manufacturers offer rebates on their building products as an incentive to use their brand, but not all builders take advantage of them. If the brand you use is one of our partners on our HomeSphere Rebate Program, we’ll even do the negotiating for you.  

HomeSphere also works with multifamily builders to help you out with direct rebates. Learn more about HomeSphere’s direct rebate management. 

How HomeSphere helps builders grow relationships with manufacturers

If you don’t know where to start in building relationships with your local brand reps, HomeSphere’s team of regional market specialists will take care of the introwhen you join our free HomeSphere Rebate Program. Our team works closely with brand reps to get you the products you want as well as the brand insight you need to run your business.  

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