How Home Builders Can Cut Costs of Building Materials


From facilitating rebates on HVAC to smoke detectors to facilitating relationships between builders and building product manufacturers, HomeSphere exists to help home builders increase profits by way of cutting the cost of building materials.

For over 20 years (you heard that right!), we’ve been helping home builders leverage manufacturer rebate programs. With a free HomeSphere account, our builders simply report what products they installed in closed homes. We process that closing information and send builders a check.

Builders are a good match for our builder rebate program when at least one of the products they use is in our rebate catalog. Once a builder has signed up (for free), our specialists work with each builder to determine how many brands we have in common to maximize the builder's earnings.

Bundled rebates

HomeSphere rewards our builders with higher rebates for using more than one of our trusted manufacturers.

Getting a rebate from one of our manufacturers is nice, but most of the builders on our program are using 3 or more brands, which increases their payout beyond what they would earn individually. Our bundle is designed to encourage builders to find and claim as many rebates as possible (and maximize their returns).

Simply put: the more products you report, the more cash you get back. It's all in your control.

A software solution

HomeSphere builders are kept up to date on HomeSphere’s brand catalog through our award-winning software platform, My HomeSphere™. Within the platform, builders can look through our entire catalog of rebate-eligible products to plan and expand their HomeSphere rebate program. And when builders have any questions on products available or would like to update their plans, we have market specialists who are happy to step in and help.

We want builders to know exactly what they’re getting with us, so My HomeSphere also includes a dashboard that provides builders with all their important program information (like when their next rebate check will be mailed) at a glance. It also offers comprehensive reports that builders can use to track their brand usage, historical earnings and more.

Building partnerships 

We’ve mentioned before that our program helps builders strengthen relationships with manufacturers and that’s because our market specialists work with both builders and manufacturers to facilitate introductions. These introductions can help builders find reliable trades to write winning bids and break into new markets.

We also let manufacturers know when specific multi-family builders are interested in their products so the manufacturer can reach out directly to the builder and start a conversation.

Not yet a HomeSphere builder?

HomeSphere is a free rebate program offering cash back on over 1,500 products from more than 80 of the top building product manufacturing brands. Enroll Today

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