Why King’s Way Homes Chooses FlowGuard Gold Piping Systems

FlowGuard Gold Install

Copper piping is expensive, prone to price fluctuations, clangs loudly, and sweats and drips in humid climates. FlowGuard Gold piping systems offers a superior alternative.

In a recent case study, King’s Way Homes, a HomeSphere builder, explains why they choose FlowGuard Gold Pipe and Fittings.

According to Christopher Moll, the CEO of King’s Way Homes, “The price of copper had been rising on a regular basis, and the quality of the copper we were getting seemed to be going down — we felt we were beginning to pay more for less. We had issues with corrosion, degrading water quality, pinholes and pitting. So we started looking at alternatives.”

That’s when they discovered FlowGuard Gold.

Not only did FlowGuard Gold come in at a cheaper material cost than copper, but it also drove down labor costs by offering a clean, intuitive and flexible installation process. There’s no more sweating and the piping doesn’t clang like copper.

Case Study:

FlowGuard Gold Pipe & Fittings Offer Luxury Home Builder a Consistent, Dependable Solution for Residential Plumbing

King’s Way Homes builds custom, luxury homes in the Milwaukee area. They’re also a HomeSphere builder earning rebates on this FlowGuard Gold product and many others.

Want to start earning product rebates from FlowGuard Gold and 80 other top manufacturing brands? Consider enrolling in HomeSphere’s builder rebate program for free.

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