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January 2018 Building Industry Report

January 31, 2018

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HomeSphere has partnered with BTIG to produce a monthly home building industry report covering sales, traffic, pricing, labor costs, and other key housing industry metrics.

From October through December, the HomeSphere community shared their insight and expertise to create a unique look into the U.S. housing industry from the perspective of the local and regional home builder. HomeSphere and BTIG released the first home building industry report this month.

Highlights from January's HomeSphere/BTIG building industry report

  • 42% of builders surveyed raised prices month-over-month.
  • 50% of builders reported labor costs increasing each month through Q4 with effectively zero reporting cost declines.
  • Most homes under construction or completed targeted first-time or second-time move-up customers (39%), followed by entry-level buyers (30%) and luxury customers (26%).

How to get the monthly report

If you are a builder and would like to participate and receive the monthly report, request an invitation below:


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