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HomeSphere Celebrating 20 Years

Selling building products? Take advantage of our 20 years in the business.

  • Learn the market and crush your sales and marketing goals
  • Understand home builders better than anyone else
  • Promote your brand and get results
selling building products to home builders ebook

Enter the residential new construction market and forge strategic builder partnerships.

Are you a building product manufacturer who wants to establish a market presence in residential new construction, but aren’t sure where to start? This guide will give you insight on creating lasting builder partnerships so you can sell and market your building products better!

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In part one of our guide on selling to home builders, you’ll read an overview on:

  • The state of the home building industry
  • Today’s homebuyers
  • New home building and its challenges and opportunities
  • Solutions home builders need from you

Once you’ve finished, you’ll gain an understanding of how to better approach home builders and frame conversations to maximize your brand.