Sunrun makes solar simple for builders and is proud to be the nation's #1 residential solar, storage and energy services company. Sunrun is well suited to partner with new home builders to incorporate solar and storage in new homes during initial construction, making the process easy for you and homebuyers alike.

Rebate-Eligible Products

4.8 kW (12 panel) Solar System

Per California building code, all new homes must have solar installed. Sunrun offers the options of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), in which the homeowner has zero upfront cost and has fixed monthly payments, or to purchase the equipment. A standard solar system in CA is 12 panels or 4.8kW.

Solar Systems
in Other U.S. States

Sunrun offers solar, rechargeable battery systems and EV charger systems installation in states other than CA, AZ, CO, FL and TX. Sunrun is the #1 residential solar provider and provides the Sunrun Guarantee to homeowners and acts at the Solar Concierge for homebuyer support. Complete the form below if interested in service in other states.

AZ, CO, FL and TX
6kW (15 panel) Solar System

Through HomeSphere, Sunrun offers a rebate-eligible installed solar system (6kW - 15 panels) in AR, CO, FL and TX. Sunrun helps close sales with compelling financing options and direct homebuyer engagement. Sunrun also handles the regulatory paperwork, solar specific questions, and provides a system protected by the Sunrun Guarantee.

Solar Battery System

Sunrun offers its own Brightbox Battery Storage option which can leased or owned by the homeowner. Brightbox features smart time-of-use, back-up power day and night, and with a premium inverter included. Sunrun is also a certified installer of the Telsa PowerWall. Sunrun works with your electrician on the minimum requirements necessary.

AZ, CO, FL and TX
Solar Pre-Plumb for Solar-Ready Homes

For clean energy developments in Arizona, Colorado, Florida and Texas, Sunrun offers rebate-eligible (through HomeSphere) solar pre-plumb. This option for Sunrun to pay for the builder to pre-plumb every home is to ensure every home in the development can be marketed as "solar-ready". Sunrun also offers discounts on model home solar systems.

Electrical Vehicle (EV)

Sunrun can assist with installing EV Chargers and various battery backup power systems. Sunrun is a preferred Ford F-150 Lightning™ Preferred Charging Installer. With a Sunrun solar energy system, homeowners can Maximize your F-150 Lightning™ with at-home charging, and benefit from Ford Intelligent Backup Power.

Rebate availability depend on builder's products used, type of construction, and other factors. Restrictions may apply. Contact us for more details.

At this time, Sunrun rebates are only available for single-family construction projects in these specific states. AZ, CA, CO, FL, and TX.

Sunrun also offers options to pre-plumb homes so they are solar-ready, as well as discounts on model home solar set-up.

Rebates for Sunrun are subject to pre-approval by Sunrun.

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