Watch: Customer Loyalty and Retention Through Rebates

April 8, 2021


Gaining loyal customers is as important for a brand’s bottom line as gaining new customers, and one key way to inspire loyalty is through reward programs like rebates. HomeSphere’s Mark Muecke breaks it down in his on-demand webinar, “Customer Loyalty: Retention Through Rebates,” in which he discusses the three ways rebates help to drive loyalty.  

As HomeSphere’s business development executive, Muecke works closely with building product manufacturers to help them expand their market share among residential new construction builders. Part of that is in helping brands reach new customers, in addition to helping brands expand within their customer base.  

In this webinar, you’ll hear: 

  • The three ways rebates drive customer loyalty 
  • What makes for a good loyalty program  
  • How to price rebates  
  • How to use the data you gain from rebates 

Who should watch: 

Building product manufacturers who are interested in driving more product usage among new home builders through incentives like rebates. This webinar is helpful for manufacturers who already offer rebates and for those who are considering offering them to appeal to more builders. 

Watch Customer Loyalty: Retention Through Rebates

See the full webinar now and learn how rebates can drive customer retention. 

Highlights from the webinar 

Muecke emphasizes the three ways building product rebates can drive loyalty: 

  1. Make them simple to cash in on.  
  2. Promote the cash reward to reach new mid-sized builders who are otherwise hard to find.  
  3. Use the data you get from rebate claim to drive more sales.  

The last one is king because with more data and more insights into your customers, youll gain the tools to more successfully cross-sell and upsell your products, as well as get your customers exclusively using your brand. Good data from rebate claims can also show you when a customer’s product usage is waning (i.e. they aren’t claiming rebates on your products anymore)helping you know when you need to strategize on a winback campaign.  

Hear all of Muecke’s advice by watching the webinar in full now.  

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