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HVAC Industry Trending toward Better Efficiency and Connectivity

January 22, 2020

HVACs Trending toward higher efficiency and better connectivity

Innovation in technology and evolving regulations are helping to reshape the HVAC industry, and industry experts — including our brand partner Lennox — are preparing for 2020 to bring continued progression. We’ve gathered some of these biggest trends so home builders also understand where HVACs are headed and what homebuyers might be looking for.

For starters, a great source for HVAC news is ACHR News, and we recommend reading these articles in full: “The HVAC Contractor’s Guide to High-End Trends Coming in 2020” and “Leaders of HVAC Industry Look Ahead to 2020." A lot is happening in the industry, but we think these three points really emphasize it.

The move toward higher efficiency. It’s no surprise that the HVAC industry is experiencing a need for more efficient products. Part of that is tied to changing climate regulations as well as increased cost-effectiveness for consumers. ACHR News contributor Gordon White spoke to John Whinery, Lennox International’s vice president of product management for residential HVAC, who told him that homeowners “are looking for improved comfort, efficiency, and air quality when purchasing high-end equipment.”

Compliance with new regulations. Whinery also spoke to White about new regulations, suggesting they’ll drive the future of high-end HVAC and residential heating for years ahead — requiring manufacturers to constantly innovate as legislation changes.

Some issues already here or on the horizon are: NOx regulations (like in California) and the phasedown of HFCs in favor of alternative refrigerants — an initiative that has bipartisan support and the backing of AHRI.

The delivery of smart features. When asked what new technologies were poised for growth, an HVAC industry leader told ACHR News contributor Kyle Gargaro that smart technology will help drive newer applications. “Technology assists in providing energy efficiencies, comfort, and time-saving. We expect our buildings to work for us, not the other way around,” he said.

In White’s write-up, another industry insider also emphasized how homeowners want more connectivity with their HVAC — particularly the ability to remotely control their home’s indoor climate.

Our brand partner Lennox is working to stay on top of these trends by employing innovative technology across a wide range of heating and cooling solutions — from NOx regulation compliance to creating more efficient HVAC systems. If you’re a builder who uses Lennox or is interested in switching, let us know so you can start earning rebates.

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