First Alert Residential Alarms Protect Homes and Families

October 14, 2019

First Alert Residential Alarms Protect Homes and Families

First Alert, a BRK company, is now a HomeSphere partner, providing rebates on their residential alarms, which include smoke, carbon monoxide and combination alarms. First Alert also offers wifi-enabled detectors that feature Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service for home buyers interested in smart-home features.

First Alert/BRK, named for its founders Harold Burke, Howard Roberts, and Wayne Kimberline, was founded in 1958, and developed the first residential smoke alarm and first battery-operated carbon monoxide alarm. With a goal toward innovation, First Alert/BRK is continuing to deliver new products and technologies to the builder market.

First Alert/BRK products featured on the HomeSphere builder rebate program

Carbon monoxide alarm

First Alert’s carbon monoxide alarm with a 10-year battery and digital temperature display (Model #CO710) alerts homeowners to elevated carbon monoxide levels. It features an easy-to-read backlit digital LED display that shows the temperature and CO concentration. The built-in 10 year battery also offers continuous protection for the life of the detector, making it perfect for multifamily uses.

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Combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

First Alert’s combination photoelectric smoke and carbon monoxide alarm with a 10-year battery and voice and location (Model #PC120V) features a programmable talking alarm that speaks to indicate the type and location of a detected threat. It also has a slim and easy-to-install design that’s half the thickness of a standard smoke alarm.

Onelink smoke and carbon monoxide detector

The Onelink is smart protection for the home, featuring two-in-one protection, emergency notifications and the ability to connect with other compatible Onelink alarms. The alarm can be installed with battery power or through direct wire. Amazon Alexa is also built right in so homeowners can play music, receive information, set timers and schedules and control their smart home devices using their voice.

HomeSphere builders are eligible to collect rebates on BRK/First Alert

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