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Popular Wood Flooring Trends Include Wide Planks and ‘Wood’ That Isn’t Wood

September 12, 2019

Popular Wood Flooring Trends Include Wide Planks and ‘Wood’ That Isn’t Wood

Wood flooring is a popular choice for homebuyers, and by extension, a popular choice for home builders. So, we thought we’d spend a minute (or 60) looking into the leading trends of this year, and likely 2020.

Wide planking

As Michael Martin, president and CEO of the National Wood Flooring Association, notes (via Pro Builder) “planks of up to seven inches in width are considered normal now.” Wide planking is also the market leader, ahead of strip flooring. One advantage of wide plank flooring is that it has fewer seams between boards and allows those who appreciate wood to see the vertical grain better.

Wood-look options

This trend is a big one because it allows homebuyers to obtain the look of wood while saving money. And there are lots of options from laminate and vinyl to ceramic tile. All styles are designed to provide that authentic wood look while potentially adding a few other advantages. Outside of cost, those also include ease of installation and less necessary care.

Light hardwood

Light tones are also trending. Martin, of NWFA, also told Pro Builder that members of the association project gray colors and cerused finishes, as well as lighter colors, will increase in popularity. Family Handyman agrees, with one flooring company suggesting grey wood with distinctive patterns are reminiscent of sun-bleached American boardwalks.

Engineered hardwood and other sustainable options

Family Handyman also suggests engineered wood and other green options like cork, bamboo and reclaimed wood are proving to be popular. And Real Simple notes that engineered flooring has taken the lead over traditional hardwood, according to Houzz’s 2019 Kitchen Trends Report. Engineered wood floors are real wood from top to bottom, however they’re constructed using several layers of wood veneers. But to be clear, natural hardwood flooring is still very popular according to the Houzz report, and remains timeless in style.

Flooring trends featured on the HomeSphere builder rebate program

Mannington Latitude Foundry Hickory engineered hardwood

Engineered hardwood: Latitude Foundry Hickory

The Foundry Hickory style showcases subtle wire brushing with a beautiful triple-stained effect that brings out rich color depths, making this timeless hickory pattern stand out. Foundry Hickory is the perfect backdrop to any interior space. The featured style is in fumed gray and is 7.65 inches in width.

Mannington Hillside hickory laminate flooring Laminate: Hillside Hickory

A reclaimed hardwood look that captures the essence of naturally aged wood, Hillside Hickory features rustic graining and an irregular bevel that creates true realism from plank to plank. This style is in the color cloud and is more than seven inches wide. The flooring is scratch resistant, kid and pet friendly, waterproof and environmentally friendly.

Mannington ADURA®Max vinyl planks

ADURA®Max vinyl planks: Dockside

With its handsome graining, realistic knotholes and worn saw marks, Dockside is a reclaimed and restored wood visual. Dockside is available in a larger 6 inch by 48 inch plank and makes a bold statement in design, color and character. The featured style is in the color sand and is waterproof, scratch-resistant and kid and pet friendly.

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