The Z Report: Multi-Family Housing Starts Still Likely to Increase

June 17, 2019

The Z Report: Multi-Family Housing Starts Still Likely to Increase

The latest edition of The Z Report, published by the research firm Zelman & Associates, is holding true to its 2019 prediction that multi-family housing starts will see a three percent increase this year. This is despite multi-family housing starts decreasing 14 percent year over year through the first four months of 2019.

How do they figure? Recent feedback from operators and developers participating in the firm's proprietary monthly Apartment Survey supports their stance.

From The Z Report:

Specifically, industry executives participating in our survey accounted for 11% of 2018 national starts and operate roughly 1.5 million institutional-quality units, providing a robust perspective on the development backdrop. Based on their knowledge of market dynamics, our contacts forecast 2019 national multi-family starts to increase 3%, up from a projected 2% decline at this point a year ago.

Are you getting The Z Report?

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