Coming Out of the Slowdown Better than Ever

Published: February 28, 2019

Coming out of the slowdown

In a recent article in Constructech Magazine, HomeSphere CEO Glenn Renner talks about using the housing slowdown as a time for introspection and planning.

Housing Slowdown Success Planning

Many businesses are feeling a little sluggish. Slowing sales, cost challenges and lowered pricing are tempering past optimism. First reaction may be to chip away at direct expenses, waste and shrinkage, or labor costs. All necessary efforts, but now is the time to position your business for success by thinking deeply about the future of our industry.

From our vantage point as a marketplace interacting daily with homebuilders and building product manufacturers, we believe this positioning should encompass:

  1. incorporating technology,
  2. increasing thoughtful collaboration and
  3. tapping into the power of data.

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