HomeSphere-IQ Named 2019 Top Product for Manufacturers

January 9, 2019

HomeSphere-IQ Top Product Constructech

HomeSphere was awarded Constructech’s Top Product 2019 for its newest product, HomeSphere-IQ®. This is the second consecutive year that a new HomeSphere product was recognized. The company’s My HomeSphere™ builder application won the award in 2018.

HomeSphere-IQ completes the HomeSphere marketplace connection and gives manufacturers the tools they need to better connect with and support HomeSphere’s rapidly growing community of residential new homebuilders. Constructech’s annual award honors technology solutions that have redefined homebuilding in the past year and recognized HomeSphere’s consistent efforts to use its people, programs and technology to do just that.

“HomeSphere IQ creates a connection between buyers and sellers in a data-driven marketplace, that’s new to the building industry,” said Glenn Renner, HomeSphere’s CEO. “We appreciate the recognition from Constructech and the contribution by all of this year’s top products. Together we can build a strong, more tech-savvy industry.”

HomeSphere-IQ is an industry-changing addition to HomeSphere’s cloud-based solution platform. The platform’s highly scalable architecture serves the entire builder channel by collecting, analyzing and sharing information on homebuilders, their local markets and the products used in the homes they build. Just as online shopping marketplaces have restructured the retail process, the HomeSphere marketplace also creates a direct connection between buyers and sellers, opening one-on-one communications, and streamlining the buy/sell process.

When describing why HomeSphere IQ was chosen, Constructech editors said: “HomeSphere’s HomeSphere-IQ creates a stronger connection between homebuilders and product manufacturers, leading to builders finding the right products to get the job done on time and on budget.”

HomeSphere was also awarded Constructech’s Top Product in 2014 for an earlier version of its rebate management software, called HomeSphere BRI.

“We have led technology development in the homebuilding industry for nearly 20 years, and we are raising the bar once again,” said Renner.

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