Where HomeSphere’s LEADPLUS Leads Come From

August 2, 2018

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One of the biggest challenges facing building product manufacturers is how to find and convert local and regional builders.

Too often manufacturers don’t know which builders to target or prioritize. And even when the manufacturer has the right contact information, it’s often difficult to get a busy builder on the phone.

That’s where the LEADPLUS program can help.

HomeSphere introduced LEADPLUS in 2011 to make it easier for manufacturers to win new business. Since then, LEADPLUS has generated more than 8,000 opportunities for our manufacturers worth $1.4 billion in additional sales revenue.

Here’s how the LEADPLUS program generates leads:

How LEADPLUS Generates Leads: People and Technology

HomeSphere represents the largest and most lucrative builder segment in the country, with almost 2,500 local and regional builders actively collecting rebates.

To tap into this large and diverse community of builders, the LEADPLUS program combines people and technology to generate quality leads.

Leads Created by HomeSphere Regional Market Specialists

HomeSphere uses our team of Regional Market Specialists (RMS) across the country to uncover leads by talking to each of our builders on a quarterly basis.

Our Regional Market Specialists serve as trusted advisors to our builders, helping them identify products to add to their rebate bundle. During these conversations, when a builder tells the RMS that he or she wants to start using a specific manufacturer’s product, that lead gets passed on to the manufacturer as a qualified lead through LEADPLUS. At this point, the builder is waiting for the manufacturer to reach out to close the deal.

Regional Market Specialists also uncover additional leads during these builder conversations. If a builder seems open to switching products and one of our manufacturers would be a great fit, this creates a targeted lead. Although targeted leads require a bit more effort to close, with help from key information provided by the RMS, these builders are highly likely to convert.

Leads Created by HomeSphere’s Marketing Services

HomeSphere’s marketing team also generates builder leads through our Marketing Services program with newsletters, blog posts, email campaigns, and custom content to promote our manufacturers.

When these campaigns produce leads, they are then vetted by the builder’s Regional Market Specialist before being handed off to the manufacturer.

Leads Created by HomeSphere’s Technology

Finally, the last way that LEADPLUS generates leads is through HomeSphere-IQ™ and the digital engagement created by our rebate submission platform, My HomeSphere™.

HomeSphere collects a mountain of product installation data by processing builder rebate closings. Our platform can then identify which builders are using your competitor’s products and which builders are using your products but not for every closing they submit. This lets you reach out to the right builders to win more business.

As a result, LEADPLUS is changing the way that manufacturers find and convert builders by improving both the quantity and quality of leads. And thanks to rebate incentives, no other program makes it easier to convince builders to switch to your products.

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