New Improvements to HomeSphere-IQ

August 2, 2018

In the latest update for HomeSphere-IQ™, we’re introducing new functionality to help manufacturers manage their HomeSphere LEADPLUS leads, as well as several user-requested enhancements that enable a closer collaboration between teams.

We’ve also included HomeSphere-IQ tutorials and help icons in this update to make it easier to learn how to use HomeSphere-IQ.

LEADPLUS Improvements

As of this update, LEADPLUS now has the capability for sales teams to actively manage leads through the sales funnel.

When you click on an active lead on your LEADPLUS dashboard, you can assign that lead to a sales rep, schedule a follow-up date, leave notes for both your team and the Regional Market Specialist, as well as update that lead’s status to won or lost.

Tutorials and Information Icons

HomeSphere-IQ now has a tutorial page to make it easier for users to optimize the platform. Explore Tutorials

Information iconYou can also click on information icons for brief explanations of what each report or graph represents.

Additional HomeSphere-IQ Improvements

After receiving feedback from our manufacturers, we’ve made additional improvements to HomeSphere-IQ. Here’s what else is new in the update:

  1. Changed sort order of New Builders Report to show most recently signed builders to the HomeSphere program
  2. Enhancements to My HomeSphere™ Builders chart – added data from previous year
  3. Enhancements to My HomeSphere Market Share – added data from previous year
  4. Added new background to the HomeSphere-IQ pages
  5. Added Investment and Sales numbers to the Summary page
  6. Enhancements to the Monthly Closings and Value – Trailing Twelve Months chart, now called “Monthly Closings and Value vs Estimated Sales - Trailing Twelve Months”
    1. Added Estimated Closing Revenue data to this chart
  7. Added May’s LEADSHARE attendance data to the My Engagement LEADSHARE chart on Summary page, and to the LEADSHARE Attendance report on the Reports page

Added September’s LEADSHARE meeting dates/locations to the Upcoming LEADSHARE Meetings (90 day) report on the Reports page

What’s next for HomeSphere-IQ?

In Q4, HomeSphere will provide new capabilities for digging deeper into the data, and then downloading and exporting those reports.

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