HomeSphere Continues New Product Offerings with HomeSphere-IQ

March 21, 2018

HomeSphere-IQ Launches

HomeSphere, the country’s largest digital marketplace connecting major building product manufacturers and local builders, launched its newest product offering today. HomeSphere-IQ™ is a homebuilding insight platform for building product manufacturers that once again raises the bar for what to expect from a rebate management program.

What does HomeSphere-IQ do for Manufacturers?

HomeSphere-IQ provides intelligence for manufacturers to analyze their builder incentive programs and take action across their enterprise -- sales, marketing, and operations – to better penetrate markets, reach company goals, and close more new business.

HomeSphere-IQ’s features include detailed sales reports, product usage metrics, and market penetration tracking. The platform leverages real-time home closing data from home builders across the U.S., within a user-centric toolset that empowers manufacturers to pinpoint qualified new residential business. Manufacturers can clearly understand how their rebate programs are performing and uncover new areas of opportunity.

“Delivering value to the homebuilding community has been our focus for nearly 20 years,” said HomeSphere CEO Glenn Renner. “With our new, world-class technology foundation, we will change the way the industry works together and uses data, ultimately delivering market share and profits to our partners.”

In 2017, HomeSphere launched the first of its major new products. My HomeSphere™ attracted scores of homebuilder users and was named among the top products for the industry in January 2018. HomeSphere-IQ extends that same value to building product manufacturers.

“The technology is exciting, but it is more than just technology. We are changing the way the building industry uses data to grow,” said HomeSphere Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Product Tim Bates. “We designed HomeSphere-IQ to deliver what our manufacturer customers are asking for -- clear and actionable data from many sources presented in clear, interactive online reports and charts. It is user-centric design created exclusively for our industry.”

Bates continued, “We have integrated a winning combination of our unique data, highly effective programs, experienced people in all major construction markets, and the newest technology to better serve the builder channel. And this is just the first feature set.”

For more information on HomeSphere-IQ or for a demonstration, visit

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