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New Updates to My HomeSphere

My HomeSphere® has a new look and feel packed with rich features that allow you to do more with your rebate program. Everything from your summary page, reports features and submitting closings gives you the ability to analyze your rebate program and maximize your rebate power.

With My HomeSphere you can use your rebate program with ease, saving you time and earning you more. When you're part of HomeSphere's community we strive to make improvements to help your business thrive in today's construction market.

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Stay connected with HomeSphere's Regional Market Specialists

Whether your construction projects stick to a local level or your business crosses state lines, we can keep you in the know. My HomeSphere now allows you to find out who your regional market specialist is for any state you build in. They keep you up to date on what's happening in different markets, connect you with local trades and introduce you to manufacturers from top building brands — all which are eligible for builder rebates. So, no matter where you build we have a regional market specialist who will be your right hand for rebates.


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